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  1. They are few and far between, sometimes you hear of someone catching a whopper on a j-plug, if you want to fish for walleye it would be better to go near Henderson .

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  2. 3 hours ago, Great_Laker said:

    Thank you, its a blast. The last couple of years I've been considering auto pilot to make things easier when fishing alone. I think it would be a game changer regardless of whos on the boat 

    Best investment you will make, auto doesn’t get distracted by fighting a fish, keeps you going straight into the wind so you don’t have to captains troll all the time.

  3. Went out of Oswego today with a buddy, everyone was telling me spoons where what to use, put 5 spoons and one spin doctor green dot  out, nothing for three hours then the spiny on 400 copper fires, 9 lb king, pulled two spoons and put two more f/f out on dipsys,  hour later a double on f/f another 9 lb. and a 16 lb. king, marked a lot of fish and bait on the fish finder, quit at 1.00pm

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  4. 9 hours ago, UNREEL said:

    I was told the  oiling of the eggs worked great on ground nests like Gallou and Stoney Islands years ago because the birds killed all the trees and they had no choice where to nest. Given the opportunity to nest high in trees like we’ve seen in Irondequoit Bay and other islands, the birds will nest there,  which makes oiling and raccoon predation impossible.

    A fire fighting boat with a high pressure water cannon would be my choice of weapon. :dance:

    I got news for you, raccoons are excellent tree climbers.

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  5. Years ago when DEC first got permission to oil the eggs of cormorants, they reported on their website the work they where doing, oiled  X thousand eggs on this island at a cost of y thousand dollars,  they reported this for each island except one island had no nesting cormorants on it but they observed a raccoon on the island. I commented about the report on a thread at the time, DEC removed the reports.


    I don’t know if a raccoon swam out to the island or a good old boy dumped one out of a live trap but it reduced the cormorant nesting on the lake.


    If DEC made an agreement with local animal control officers in the Henderson Harbor area to put a raccoon on selected islands they could effectively reduce the cormorant population and save taxpayers x thousands of dollars.

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  6. You didn't say where you are on the lake, most tackle shops near the lake have most everything used to fish on the lake.

    Are you asking about snap weights to use behind planer boards on lead core, or dipsy divers to use on wire line or down rigger weights. They all work under the right conditions. Usually you buy more than one of any of these weights. Sales person at the tackle shop should be able to help you. Google tackle shop near Lake Ontario. 

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