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  1. That is my thought, coming out of the creeks they are skinny and pale, fat ones are usually nice orange.
  2. Ted, what is wrong with dead reeling? If you can gain line enough to get them up out of the cold water without them spooking that is a good thing. If you are pumping and reeling you increase the chances of them getting their head around and getting off , especially with cohoes
  3. CopperJohn


    They are few and far between, sometimes you hear of someone catching a whopper on a j-plug, if you want to fish for walleye it would be better to go near Henderson .
  4. Best investment you will make, auto doesn’t get distracted by fighting a fish, keeps you going straight into the wind so you don’t have to captains troll all the time.
  5. Skywatcher, I have eagle claw ten rods that I use 7 strand wire on, had for more than ten years the guides hold up, definitely put twirly tips on.
  6. Two buddies fishing together, you remember when something different happens, talk and tease for years. Good memories make fishing fun.
  7. Would have been neat to get a picture of it swimming next to the boat.
  8. A center pin clip is meant to be used for adding a weight to a line and should not release the line until you squeeze it.. I use a rubber band to fix sliders. Doesn’t damage line when releasing.. Less drag than a clip.
  9. It will be down to the swivel immediately and the swivel will go thru the coast lock and jam into the plastic clip.
  10. If you don’t back the trailer in far enough when launching the bow can drop when coming off the rollers and the keel will hit the cross member, eventually the damaged part will peel off when coming up on the roller. It happened to me. A wood epoxy kit from Abatron fixed it for me.
  11. Went out of Oswego today with a buddy, everyone was telling me spoons where what to use, put 5 spoons and one spin doctor green dot out, nothing for three hours then the spiny on 400 copper fires, 9 lb king, pulled two spoons and put two more f/f out on dipsys, hour later a double on f/f another 9 lb. and a 16 lb. king, marked a lot of fish and bait on the fish finder, quit at 1.00pm
  12. Thanks for the report, now I know what to try tomorrow.
  13. Thanks for the report, I guess you still have to go West to Olcott or further to catch fish.
  14. I too will raise my coffee mug to him next time out. Enjoy your memories and hang in there.
  15. I got news for you, raccoons are excellent tree climbers.
  16. Years ago when DEC first got permission to oil the eggs of cormorants, they reported on their website the work they where doing, oiled X thousand eggs on this island at a cost of y thousand dollars, they reported this for each island except one island had no nesting cormorants on it but they observed a raccoon on the island. I commented about the report on a thread at the time, DEC removed the reports. I don’t know if a raccoon swam out to the island or a good old boy dumped one out of a live trap but it reduced the cormorant nesting on the lake. If DEC made an agreement with local animal control officers in the Henderson Harbor area to put a raccoon on selected islands they could effectively reduce the cormorant population and save taxpayers x thousands of dollars.
  17. A question, does anyone know if the same person who is running this is the person who stored the International Marina docks in the marina two years ago instead of taking them into the canal locks like the Wrights Landing docks have been stored for years ? Public employees can't be fired.
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