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  1. It has good canvass and it is at Catfish Creek east of Oswego, I will be there Thursday thru Sunday, PM me if you want to exchange cell #s
  2. Boat is still for sale, in storage barn but out soon.
  3. I have hunted coyotes with dogs, when the daylight fades, the coyote stops and starts barking, it isn't long until help arrives and they chase the dogs out of the woods. Had it happen more than once. Never killed one when that happens, but assumed from how strong they ran during the day, that it was an Alpha male.
  4. Four years ago, the people controlling the lake level dropped it so low in August that a lot of fish died in the lake without being able to get up a tributary and spawn, thus less matures this year and probably for more four year cycles until they rebuild the population. Remember not being able to get out of shallow entrance marinas ?
  5. Gentlemen and Ladies, I will be at the lake 8/27 thru 9/7 and will not have access to a computer. I will be putting the boat away for the winter soon thereafter. any questions should go to my cell phone 5one8four9six0six4nine
  6. As it says in last paragraph on first page , $8,500
  7. Yes, it has all of the equipment on your list, thanks for reminding me, I am a lousy salesman.
  8. Wasn't it four years ago when the water was so low that the fish couldn't get into the river to spawn ? No spawn four years ago, no adults this year ?
  9. Markdec, I sent you a PM with phone #s, I will be there Thursday thru Sunday, give me a call Copperjohn
  10. 1995 Penn Yan - 22 ft. - 6 cyl I/O -Alpha outdrive, maroon soft top with drop curtains - heavy duty aluminum fold down arch - air-mar B-60 thru hull transducer - Simrad AP12 auto-pilot - Uniden UM 525 marine radio - two trax tracks - Karavan double axle galvanized trailer - Johnson Aquajet washdown pump70 psi, spare prop, aluminum bar & track for electronics, blue sea fuse panel, another fuse panel in transom for riggers, brand new in 2018 all bellows - parked at Stixs motel on 104B east of Oswego, Price reduced to to $ 6,000 , Sept. 15th I will part out, don't know prices yet, but I am thinking, arch- $1000, auto pilot $1000, outdrive $1000, motor complete $2000, trailer $1500, radio $75, spare prop $100, traxs tracs $ 50, aluminum bar & tracks for electronics $100, etc. Boat has been stored for last six years, last started three years ago. ( started right up ). I will be up to the lake the 13th thru 16th, (no computer), cell 518-four nine 6 064 nine
  11. Jon's Little Salmon Tackle Shop has them, I am sure somebody near you has them.
  12. If you mounted yours in dash, I want the quick mount that came with your unit. part number R62161
  13. Tank, I sent a PM but I couldn't add text. I want lot # 1, PM me your name and address, I will have a check in Mondays mail Thanks CJ
  14. I would pay $ 35.00 including shipping. Pay my check. You can wait to ship until you know check is good.
  15. Hi Dan, I have no problem with you selling the book, but be honest with your customers. This is a book that the author had printed overseas. Due to a computer cliche they were printed with more than one chart reversed and more than two typos. Be honest with your customers. The author wouldn't sell then because he didn't want to tarnish his reputation. You sell them for $75, then $60. If you or the author would take the time to make a one page list of errors and corrections the book would be good. As it is now unless you are experienced ( in which case you don't need the book ), you know some things are obviously wrong and have no confidence on what else is wrong. The sale of one book would reimburse you for the correction page. Be honest with your customers. John
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