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  1. The United States of America was a great country. The United Socialist States of America is an Obomanation !
  2. I broke one on mine, a piece of PVC and twenty minutes with a hack saw and a drill. Viola ! If you can't do it yourself, you must have a friend nearby thqat is handy.
  3. You will be sorry if you put wire on Convectors as it goes behind the spool readily when you give it slack when deploying. Copper John
  4. I also would recommend trying the umbrella rig, they use them on stripers off long island so they are strong enough.
  5. John, I have a depth raider. With all probes that use the coated cable to get the signal up to your antenna it is very important to reduce signal loss. You must minimize exposed metal between your probe and the antenna. Make sure you don't have missing coating on your cable. Cover the connection from the probe to the cable with waterproof insulating tape. Surround your antenna with cotten cloth ( a discarded t-shirt )and get it wet when you lose signal. I usually have good signal to 100 feet, if I wet the cloth, I get another 10 or 15 feet. Just wetting the antenna without cloth works but only as long as it is wet. John
  6. Tim, Great weekend, my arms are still tired, I learned a lot. Thanks again. John
  7. Two weeks ago I was fishing in Mexico Bay, no fog, no boats behind me for at least two miles, one boat ahead a couple miles going the same way as me, I was zig zaging into seven feet and out to fifteen. The only other boat in sight was coming the other way out deeper than me. he turned around ending up right beside me, trapping me in seven feet of water. I didn't say anything, just slowed down and went out behind him, but every time he does that he makes one more boat develope littleboat syndrome.
  8. That small boat probably thought he had the right to keep fishing the depth he was going, he didn't know he should move out into deeper water to make room for a big boat to fish the depth he had been fishing.
  9. Before you replace your fish finder, try adjusting the tranducer orientation to the hull. Going fast in waves causes bubbles to go across the face of the transducer if it is not positioned perfectly.
  10. Hey Tim, Great report, I missed them. Glad you had a good trip. John
  11. choice one - catch dying, breeding size fish in tribs choice two - go with bottomfeeders advice and catch lakers choice three- for best eating, go with kliphs advice, small spoons or stickbaits 50 to 75 ft behind boards, boards out 50 to 150 ft towards shore, boat depth 20 ft or less catch salmon, browns and rainbows
  12. Wire has zero shock absorbtion, drag on reel must be set as light as possible (should click once and awhile ), tension on dipsey set just enough to not false release. In waves it is hard to adjust.
  13. It sounds like they are doing it on purpose and probably telling their friends about it. Launch someplace away from them. Tie 100 feet -1/4inch nylon rope to stern tow eye, attach a small sturdy grapple hook to the other end with just enough float to keep it up. After use, leave the lake. Next week come back with a friend in his boat, try again. Soon they would tell their friends it if tuff steering without a rudder and they would stop.
  14. If you get a cannon, you have to figure a better way to secure the probe. If you get a tangle and lift the weight before grabbing the probe, it's gone! My friend lost two probes in one season and switched to Depth Raider, he is happy. I got one near the end of the season, only used it two days, I am very happy with it. Somebody will say the read out bounces around, maybe old ones did, mine doesn't. I highly recomment the Depth Raider.
  15. Great Fish, Great Mount, No Smile, IF I caught a fish like that I would have a smile ear to ear. Maybe you will have me with you when you catch that 40 pounder this summer. I hope so. I promise not to drop it over the stern. Smile !
  16. Thank You Jekyll for a very informative report. I will be up tomorrow and Friday, hope it helps me. Your reports are always informative and helpful for us less successful fisherman. I hope to go out with you again after the LOC. John Channel 68 BALANCE DUE
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