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  1. NVus88

    Carp fishing

    Took my brother in law out tonight for two hours. He caught the 5 biggest fish in his life. This pig was the last one in and the biggest. I think the boy is pretty happy.
  2. NVus88

    Carp fishing

    My brother landed one jigging a spinner bait. Destroyed his ultra light. So I can't say I'm surprised by hitting a tube. They're pretty opportunistic creatures. As for the Asian carp, YouTube the guy going after them on waterskies and a sword.
  3. NVus88

    Carp fishing

    Went 1/3 tonight at Fulton. One I lost I don't think was a carp however, it frayed my 17lb folorcarbon leader. It was a big something. Ended up landing. 15lber within the first half hour.
  4. The wire it self may need to be trimmed back. Try cutting a bit off and reconnecting it to the plug for a better connection.
  5. NVus88

    Carp fishing

    Onondaga park has a derby every spring. It's part of the Seneca river, which has become noted for big carp. Only bonuses carp jigging, can't imagine one nailing a plug. That's got to be a trip.
  6. NVus88

    Carp fishing

    For starters I'm kind of surprised there's no thred for this. Maybe start a trash fish category? Anyway after not fishing for them for the past 10 years or so I thought I'd give them a shot the other night. I made a batch of BOLLIES during a recent rain storm and bagged them up. Went out to Fulton and fished from 11-2am( wife and daughters are asleep so it's the only time I got lately). In the 3 hours of fishing I had a perfect run of 6 for 6. Smallest was 12lbs, the biggest 22lbs. I got some goofy looks showing up with a drop net, but soon showed the POKEMON crew why it was needed. I had the first fish on before I could bait up my second rod.
  7. Father wanted to go salmon fishing this morning. So we went out from 8-11. Didnt bend a single rod, but marked lots of bait and hooks from 80-100fow for what it's worth.
  8. Ive run both flashers and cowbells off my cannon balls. I just put a stacker clamp a couple feet above it and it works fine. Also have put a rigger clamp at the end of the bells with success. I can't say it's helped or hurt the fishing, but it really lets you know where your rigger ball is on the graph.
  9. Like gecko said, keep trolling. Have extra rod holders open so you move rods out of the way. Large Tupperware boxes to store flashers and divers. Or a small plastic tool box.
  10. Spotted a islander type rig next to the Mexico marina. All set up, but no idea the price.
  11. I stripped my islander 4 years ago and used high end cabinet plywood. Gave it two coatings of epoxy and wrapped it in marine carpet. For a fishing boat I would advise against the carpet and opt for the white plastic 4x8 sheets. If I had to do it again I think I'd talk to a sheet metal shop and have them knock up a metal floor and just rivet it down, then cover it with whatever. Mine is still holding strong the way it is and cost was under $1,000. Best of luck and check your transom for rot while you got it stripped.
  12. Islander is my vote. Trailers great, sips gas, and can handle 6 rods, 2 riggers. Can fish in nasty water and can solo in it. Problem is finding one.
  13. Get some squid lures, they're a lot of fun at night off of docks. Just cast and bring it in, hunt them around lights. Plus they taste good.
  14. You thought about building one? Palmetto state armory (PSA) runs sales on uppers pretty regularly. I've had no problems with their stuff.
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