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  1. I need the last boom length with tip pully assembly for big jon captains pak rigger. Email or text me 3154911127, [email protected]
  2. How bout the Tekota's. Has anyone used both the saltist and the tekota, and which one do they prefer
  3. Looking to get 2 new Daiwa Saltist for my dipsy's. Would you guys go with the 40 or 50 LC
  4. Do you run the spoons clean, no flasher
  5. how far do you have to go out to be considered offshore? Is there still a good steelie bite in the fall. What baits are used for fall fishing
  6. I bought this smoker this year. It's virtually retard proof. Put the wood pucks in, set temp, set smoke time and walk away. No need to keep adding wood chips or adjusting temp. A little pricey, but I'll pay for the conveniance http://www.bradleysmoker.com/digital-smoker-4-rack.asp
  7. Try smoking half a fish. Just gut, cut in half and leave skin on. Throw it in the smoker on LOW LOW heat. When it is done you will be amazed at how juicy and tender it is. No flavoring, just good ole smokiness. Rainbows and lakers come out even better
  8. Is anyone using the Okuma Catalinas. They are in the same price range as the Saltist and Tekota
  9. What I have been doing is playing the fish out till it has no fight left, put the rod in a rod holder and the using my boga grip to pull them up over the side of the boat. I never net fish in the back of my boat, only because of the way it is set up. Easier to do it from the side
  10. It should be legal for fish that are of legal size. If the fish is that small you wouldn't need a gaff. I only ask because I fish Lake O mostly by myself. It would make things alot easier for me. I sure have learned alot running 3 rods and landing fish without getting tangles. Doubles will even make it more interesting. And try and steer the boat at the same time. I have had a few lost at the boat, mostly my fault. Trying to bring them in when they aren't ready. But it sure is a rush
  11. I know using a gaff is illegal, but does anyone know the reasoning behind this regulation.
  12. Their saying 50 mph wind gust for LO on Sun..........That can"t be good for fishing.
  13. Don't forget one of these. Made specifically for Forschner knives http://www.bladetamer.com/html/sheaths.html
  14. I have been running the old style Catalinas. Good reels. For the cost of the new ones, I would probably stay with the Tekotas
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