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  1. 140 "Easy Spin" worm Harnesses , 40 daredevels most are devles Make offers
  2. I'm going to seperate and take pics this morning. I will also have a count of all items. Stay tuned [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. I came across a huge lot of lures, easy spin harnesses, propeller type harnesses, "christmas trees", steel leaders way too much to list. All if this stuff is VINTAGE and almost all of it is still in original packaging! I took most of the lures but still have a bunch of Daredevles, wonder lures and red eyes left. If interested feel free to contact me. Would like to sell the whole lot and I am willing to ship anywhere in the US and Canada [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. Unreal!!!! F'N cowards!!! Tell you what I don't know you or bill but if justice doesn't prevail and you know where to find these characters let me know. There are ways to get back at them without going to jail, trust me!!!! What a bunch of loosers!! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. I was just bustin chops RR! Thanks we will try it. We are pickin some up in the 80-110 fow havin fun with the great weather! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Well, thanks for the help guys...went this morning from 7-10 went 5-8 all lakers biggest being 4lbs gove or take. Green and orange did the best. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. I will be staying on the town of Fayette a good ways north of deans cove. Any advice as to wear to fish up here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We will be using spoons and flasher flies on down riggers and dipsies. Also wouldn't mind trying for some smalies too! Thanks [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. We launched at tunkanhock headed south to the yacht club with no marks. Came back north to the bs camp no marks and little weeds. We headed to the east shore and found lots of marks and lots of weeds! Been to cayuga 4 times this year and only boated 1 fish. I was running 2 downriggers and 2 dipsy rigs. I did well last year but getting skunked this year [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. I fished on friday as well but couldn't keep the weeds off my setups! We hooked 3 fish but lost the due to the weeds. Did anyone else encounter this same problem? Nice fish, wish I was on the boat with you! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. Our shakedown trip went well too! no problems and we didnt get skunked! Hey Splitshot, let me know if you want to fill an open seat on your boat, i dont live too far from you. I dont own a boat but i am on cayuga and the Big O a lot with friends. Im wiling t pitch in on gas too! You stream fish at all down your way? i bought a pa license to ice fish thinking about trying the trout streams here in a week or so.
  11. Thanks Pete, yeah maybe that is the problem but we never had that many misses in the past. Usually we lose one out of 4 not the other way aound! It was funny we would get a release, someone would grab the rod with nobody home and while we were bringing it in they would hit again! this happened at least 5 times! It was a riot! Nice report!! Were you using mono with long leads??? there is alot of stretch in some mono, so less than solid hook ups could be expected.
  12. nope, we were in the blue in white starcraft with 3 of us on it. Sorry guys it was sunday that we went out not sat. how did you make out splitshot?
  13. Fished the south end of cayuga lake on sat from 8am until about 3pm went 1 for 3 with one nice brown for the box. Actually got all 3 hits in the chocolate milk. Warmest water we found was 44 degrees in the chocolate milk.
  14. Fished Fairhaven on Thursday we fished the stained water from 10:30am to dark and went 13/30+,f all small browns. We had a lot of releases with nobody home and a lot that shook off. Any ideas why? We were using spoons and stickbaits green seemed to get the most action. I tied on a small Rapala and went 5 for 5 on that bait. Are smaller baits better earlier in the year? All in all we did have a great day, the weather was perfect and we had all kinds of action!
  15. Was out Monday afternoon out of Taughannock only had one line out (long story) and went 3 for 3 on a dipsy rig with black and purple spoon 70ft down over 125-225fow. 6lb laker and 2 salmon. I hope to get out a couple of times this weekend.
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