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  1. Shattered the display unit last year so I have everything else. They don't sell just the head unit so it looks like I am in for a whole new speed/temp monitor. Shoot me a PM and let me know what you want .... we can figure out a reasonable deal. DAN
  2. IRISH56

    Cayuga Cayuga today

    Wonder if that's "right time, right place" or if its worth taking a short trip!? My family has a place that's about halfway between you and AES.
  3. Actually there is one retailer who has the 12" track on sale now for $36.79 a piece and Starboard inserts are $20.23 a piece, plus shipping costs. I would prefer not to sell the tracks and inserts separately. Thanks.
  4. IRISH56

    Name Game # 2

    Very cool ...... Sure it will sell like mad. And thanks for honoring all the hard work and sacrifices LEO's all across the country make every day.
  5. (2) 12" Track w/ black insert and mounting hardware, never installed, new $110.00 Firm (1) Okuma Classic Pro 10' Mooching Rod (CPM-10) Used as a braid diver rod $15.00 Can meet in or around Cortland / Ithaca area, prefer not to ship the rod, shipping cost on buyer
  6. IRISH56

    VHF Radio Interference w/GPS

    Installed a fuse block this year to run riggers, depth raider , sonar and will prolly run the VHF back there also. It may cost a little more for duplex wire but worth it I think. Thanks for the responses guys.
  7. IRISH56

    Name Game # 2

    Megatron (aka Calvin Johnson .. Detroit Lions ... blue/silver Not many Lions Fans around so I felt I had to define it) "BLM" (BLUE Lives Matter)
  8. IRISH56

    VHF Radio Interference w/GPS

    Anyone have any issues with mounting VHF radio on top of the console over a flush-mount sonar/GPS with internal GPS receiver? I plan to route VHF antennae cables away from the combo unit as best I can and the VHF antennae will end up 2-3' from GPS receiver. No room to do much else. Thanks!
  9. Anyone know what parts are compatible from the original Depth Raider to the new DRX10 unit? I have an original DR however I managed to smash the LCD screen and of course that is not a replacement part. Would like to know if the power / coax cables and probe are compatible. If not I will have some original DR parts up for sale soon .... help offset the cost I guess. Thanks. DAN
  10. IRISH56

    Chaumont Bay conditions

    Check Hardware site ..... The bay is locking up. Cold weather this week should do it.
  11. Depth raider?? Are you willing to seperate that out?? If so ... shoot me a PM.
  12. IRISH56

    Braided rigger line ?

    Although I do not run braid on downriggers I can't see how it would not be a big mess with fleas. They stack up on pretty much everything else.
  13. IRISH56

    BEST Ice Fishing in the Area

    N. end of Cayuga L. has about the most consistent bite for perch and pickerel ..... lots of pickerel. Unless you go with someone who is on top of things on Oneida L. that can be VERY hit or miss. Chaumont Bay is a good bet also .... stop by Chaumont Hardware for up to date info.. Iceshanty.com ............ definitely the place for more info. DAN