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  1. 16 minutes ago, Frogger said:

    Gonna miss seeing you out there Kevin! Hope all is ok,


    I do remember the North Enders vs the South Enders once upon a time but when this lake can make you as humble as pie, things get quiet fast. 

    Hey Mike! Yeah doing good. You? Been fishing Lake o with good results.  Will be at Sampson few weeks from now, just giving the derby a rest and have other plans this weekend.  Good luck! 

  2. On 7/26/2020 at 3:36 PM, Never Ends said:

    The best is the North end of Seneca during the derby near Bellhurst bowl. 'Bumper Boat Fishing', i used to get pissed off, now i enjoy it and laugh my ass off!



    one boat in particular always seems to have a problem getting too close to me and cutting me off in this area , regardless if its the derby or not, he also has a very big mouth....I wont engage it with my 11yo daughter on board 

  3. I've had a similiar LOC this month out of Hughes . 150ish has been good but alot of search mode . Same waypoints were ghost towns from day before. The 6th we put up a 26.5 king good for 2nd place that I have painfully watched fall to 20th and prob off the grid by end of today lol. Figured it would stay somewhere. After 2 days I had given up on the 40 to 50 ft marks and concentrated deeper riggers and divers. Fewer bites but better quality of fish . Finally this past Friday smaller uv spoons were firing steady in the 50ft range. Bagged a 22# female then got chased off by an incoming storm . I've had like a 30% catch ratio last 4 trips for some reason . Alot of short hits maybe . All new spoons and fly rigs . 2.8 to 3.0 down speed and pockets of 44 to 46 deg water were our ticket .

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  4. fish were def on the move on the north end  . Hit 11 Saturday am, all lakers and one LLS . Biggest lakers just over 6. Ran to Kashong Sunday am after a slow hr at Bellhurst . Only hit 3 small fish there . Came back North and set up a different troll . Found active fish in bait pods and hit 5 decent size lakers and a brown in half hr. Took a break about 130, went back to same waypoints to blank screen in that area with one fish . Pulling wire took almost every fish. My daughter and stepson helped make up a crew and they had a great time 





  5. Same for me Friday out of Sodus . Ran to Maxwell and had crystal clear 36 deg water . 2 hrs of washing lures then found a stained area 38deg near the pierheads . Ended up 4/4 in 10 mins with 2 around 8lbs . Bayrats and bomber long A's 2.2-2.4 gps speed . Killed me to pick up but made it with only 15 mins to spare to get the little ones off the school bus lol.

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