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  1. Just wondering if anyone has received the downrigger rods from the certificates given out at the pro-ams this year?
  2. Where is the weigh-in being held for the Sodus Pro-Am?
  3. Thanks for the info guys, one more question, Ive been looking on different sites to determine lure depth with the copper. The reel i have is a little smaller than what i would like for copper. From the line capacity it looks like i can fit 375' of 45lb copper or 500ft of 30lb copper. The 45lb looks like its 22ft per 100ft out, any idea what i can achieve with the 30lb?
  4. I have been thinking about spooling some reels up with 400' of copper, I have heard people running it off their planer boards. How much copper can you pull behind a planer board? and also when attaching to the release i would assume you need to attach to the powerpro backing and not right to the copper? Any input would be appreciated, thank you.
  5. Started off Saturday early, on the water by 4:45, surface temp in 130fow was 72, down temp 49 down 120, went 2-4, first fish was a 19lb king out 300 on a wire diver with 42 second spin doctor combo, second was an Atlantic down 100ft with a R&R purple glow. Decided to try and go out on Sunday, very rough out there 4-6ft waves, made it out to about 120 fow, marked lots of fish and bait on the bottom but could not get anything to go. Temp in 120 fow was 66 on top and 61 down 110. We did not want to venture out any farther to find temperature with the rough water so we came in around 8.
  6. I will be fishing in the open division on sunday only, I have never fished out of wilson before but i am planning to take a day trip there soon before the tournament. Was wondering if i could get some help with where to launch? Also for the tournament is it possible to launch the morning of the tournament or would i need to be docked there overnight? Any information would be appreciated thank you.
  7. headed out of fairhaven and made the run east to moon beach, first boat there this morning. Lost the first fish of the day right behind the boat (10lbs+ brown). Picked up a few more smaller browns in the shallows (8-12feet). Lots of boats showed up and the fish scattered. Moved out to 25-45 feet and picked up some more small browns off the planers. Around 8:30 the fishing slowed, took one more brown 18down over 25feet about 9lbs. Overall a great day ended 11-15 all browns. Pink bomber took the majority of the fish followed by a purple glow R&R spoon off the riggers. Rainbow bomber also took some fish.
  8. Headed out at 530 this morning, went east to the second bluff and fished 8-15 feet of water without anything. Moved to 25fow and immediatly got 2 small browns down 20 feet, purple with glow ladder R&R, long leads on the riggers 120ft. Headed out deep in search of some kings, did one steelhead about 9lbs in 160fow down 55, fish took a green spoon. Water was crystal clear and cold, overall a pretty slow morning, great day to be on the water though.
  9. I was wondering what the best way to control the throttle is on a late 80's envinrude 9.9 2 stroke outboard. I have a kicker bracket with a steering connection to the lower unit. I have always just used the main motor to troll with but i would like to try the kicker motor this year to save gas while trolling. The kicker is set up with a twist throttle but has the knockout to add controls to it. Would getting a controls box be the best way? The problem with the twist control is that it will not stay at a certain rpm without holding it there. Boat is a 1990 Starcraft Islander. Also i have a sportpilot plus installed and not sure if it will work ok with the kicker. Also what about charging problems running the electronics (riggers, autopilot) since the main motor is not running. Im thinking its going to not be worth it but just wanted to see what you guys think.
  10. I replaced all my power cables with 15a twistlock connectors, then ran the wires for the outlets into PVC boxes with SS covers with 15A twistlok receptacles that are mounted under the gunnels . Works awsome and never have to worry about the cords coming apart or the battery end of the cables laying around since they are mounted in a box. Also, when the riggers are off the boat you never see any cords dangling.
  11. Fished coopers pond today for a few hours this afternoon. Caught about 25 bluegill and sunfish. no perch at all. Tried minnows but spikes were the only thing that produced anything. Most of the fish were small with some decent sized ones mixed in. Fish were suspended about 3-5 feet down in about 12 fow. Tip-ups did not produce anything.
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