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  1. The stringers have all been replaced, work was done approx 5 years ago. Please see attached pictures of the rear stringers. Boat is also extremely dry, stays in the water for most of the summer with little to any water in the bilge, bilge pump does not need to run. Only water that gets into the bilge is from the two deck box drains. The floor is self bailing so washing down the deck does not allow water into the bilge area.
  2. Price is $9900. Boat is located in Fair Haven NY
  3. 1989 Penn Yan Challenger 242 1993 Shore Lander roller trailer with surge brakes(Wheel bearings just repaired) Mercruiser 5.0 LX with Alpha One Outdrive Two Mag 10HS downriggers (2011) Two Mag 10 with autostop Four Cannon 6" Pedestal track mount swivel bases Fishhawk with X4 Probe Raymarine Sportpilot Plus Autopilot Full Rocket Launders with two Cannon Planer board Reels Bert's Track with Rod Holders Humminbird 787c2i GPS/Sonar Cobra VHF Marine Radio Clarion CD player with JBL speakers Spreader Lights Raw water washdown Trim Tabs Cruises at 27mph(3100rpm) Max Speed 38 Boat is in excellent condition, very solid boat. Turn Key salmon fishing boat, upgrading to larger boat. Please call, text or email for additional information. $9900 Boat is currently located in Fair Haven, NY Price reflects boat with all equipment. Price negotiable with or without equipment. (585) 944-5148 [email protected]
  4. I have a 1989 Penn Yan 242 with a 305 and alpha one outdrive. I am looking for a new prop for the boat. Originally the boat had a 17 pitch prop and it seemed that it was not aggresive enough for the boat, great hole shot but the boat would over rev. I had a 21 pitch prop that came off my fathers boat and I tried that but that one seems to aggresive. Im not 100% sure on the diameter of these two props but I think they both are 14inches. The 17p at WOT would run approx. 35mph, the 21p is running 32mph. Does anyone else own this same boat or a similar one that can help me with the correct diameter and pitch? Any information would be appreciated.
  5. Does anyone happen to have the full price sheet from costanza's that they could scan and post? I had one from last year but I can't seem to find it. Also, whats the turn around time for the products? Im going to bring some venison there this year and im just trying to figure out how much to bring and get an idea what its going to cost me. Thanks
  6. I have the 787c2i and have the exact same problem that you are having...I havent found a fix for this either. When it happens, the sonar is still reading correct and you can set you bottom depth to the top 150ft and still read your sonar but the depth is not reading correct. Still marks fish and bait at the correct depth. It seems to do it more when I have the bottom limit set to auto. If anyone has talked to humminbird or found a fix for this it looks like it could help a few people. I thought at first it might be some type of interference from the motor or fishhawk but ive tried turning the boat off completly as well as all electronics and it still does it.
  7. Do you know this for a fact? It seems that holding a USCG Captain's License would supersede the requirements needed to operate a PWC. The PWC course is basically an entry level boaters safety course. Im sure theres nothing taught it the PWC course that is not covered in the rules of the road section of the captains license. Seems ridiculous to go and take a 8 hour entry level course while holding a USCG captains license.
  8. I know in NYS it is required to complete a PWC course. I have my Six pack license, does anyone know if this will satisfy the requirement for the PWC course if I was questioned while operating a PWC?
  9. Yea it sounds like its just the design of the planer boards. You might be able to add a small amount of weight to get the poly boards to sit deeper in the water so they pull harder. I agree theres nothing like otter boats. Keep you eyes open for a used set.
  10. As long as your line is not hitting the water it shouldnt affect how far they track behind the boat. A taller mast is nice for sending releases down the line but 5' is pretty tall so I wouldnt think thats your problem. What type of planer boards are you running?
  11. They do not fit into the berts track system. I had one that I won at a tournament and it didnt fit.
  12. Thanks for the info, did not know that. I have plans on the weekend of the invitational (fellow fisherman is getting married). So the next big tourament after the invitional is the first Pro-am in early june correct?
  13. Does anyone have the dates for the Wilson Scotty? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  14. I use Castle 2-22 marine cleaner, works very well and can be used on everything. Does a great job taking that black scum off from trees/sap. http://www.castleproductsonline.com/boat_cleaner.html Only place I have been able to get it is TrueValue hardware on Lyell Ave here in Rochester.
  15. Has anyone purchased any of the new shark spoons offered by shark downrigger weights? When I first looked at them last year I thought they were very expensive but on the website now it shows 10 for $65. $6.50 a spoon isnt too bad. I was hoping to hear some reports before I bought a few to try out.
  16. Thanks for all the advice guys. What I think im going to do now is keep the dodge for now and start really putting some money away for a new truck maybe this spring. I just hope something major doesnt go wrong where im forced to buy a new truck quickly. I think the 2500 diesel might be a little overkill for what I need. It would be nice to have when im towing the boat but it really doesnt justify the added expense. I think a 1500 will do fine for the amount of towing I really do. Next truck is definatly going to be extended cab or even crew cab, its really nice to have that room for hunting trips.
  17. I'm sure some people have run into the same problem im trying to figure out. Currently I have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 130k 4x4. This is my only vehicle. It's starting to become a headache and I really dont trust it as a daily driver. Just replaced the clutch in it last month and have had 3 differnt incidents where the brake lines have blown in the last couple months. Ball joints and other front suspension parts need to be replaced soon and its probably going to be about a $1000 fix. I tow a 24 foot penn yan and the 1500 is about at its max when the boat is full of fuel and gear. Boat fully loaded weighs probably no more than 7k at the max. So im looking to get a new to me truck(used). I would really like to get a 2500 and possibly a diesel. Im looking to spend somwhere around 16k-20k. What I have been finding is that to get a 2500 diesel for that price the miles are very high. Ive been debating on two different options. First, I could buy the new truck that will satisfy my towing and hunting needs as well as serve as my daily driver. The concern is that im going to be putting 13-15k a year on this truck and im going to be back in the same situation that im in now with a high mileage truck. Second option, keep the truck I have now which does what I need and look at getting a car as a second vehicle to use as my daily driver. I could do most of the repairs myself on the truck if I didint depend on it to drive to work each day. I would look at spending about 7-9k on a car to keep my payments down to offset the cost of insuring a second vehicle. Anyone been in this situation before and what did you end up doing? Having a 2500 diesel will be nice for towing the boat but I really only tow it maybe 10-12 times along the south shore of lake ontario for tournaments. But, I would hate to put a ton a miles on it each day driving to work where I dont need the truck.
  18. Took the boat out for about an hour out of Fairhaven just to kind of see what was happening out in the lake. This was the only thing that I caught. Caught this in about 80fow on 300 copper with a DW SS. Defiantly hit the spoon, all three trebles were in his mouth. Fish was about 21-23 inches long. What is this?
  19. I just had my front windows replaced at Bryce marina on manitou road. They have another company that comes in and does the work. They did an excellent job, replaced both front windows and reinforced one of the seams that was starting to tear. They do all there work on Wednesday, so if you drop the boat off Tuesday, it will be done the next day. Very reasonable cost 160 total for everything.
  20. http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_ ... 1247158011 http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_ ... 1247158011 http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_ ... 1247158011 These were the three that I ordered, I dont remember which one I actually used, I sold the auto pilot and the spares went with it so I dont have any more. I would just do what I did and get a couple of each and figure out which one works the best. They are so close that I think anyone would work.
  21. Does anyone know who near Rochester sells traxstech? I'm looking for two sections atleast 48 inches. Gander mountain sells burts but their longest section in 36 inches. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  22. Thanks for the quick response!
  23. Is there a deadline to enter this tournament? I see that you can submit your payment through paypal on the website, but I do not see any deadline that the money needs to be in by.
  24. Can you fish from Fair Haven in the Little Salmon River Challenge?
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