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  1. Does anyone know the dates for the Fair Haven and Little Salmon River challenges?
  2. I just recieved some that I ordered through amazon in hopes that it worked and it did, they were cheap I bought like 12 for under 10 dollars. Thanks for the info guys, im glad I got it fixed for this weekend in Oswego.
  3. Is the captains meeting mandatory on friday night? Im not sure if ill be able to leave work early on friday.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. Gives me some options to look at. Like I said I have just started the search for a new boat. So it seems like the doghouse is not so bad. I might just think this because I have a 22ft starcraft with a 7.5 beam it doesnt leave much room on each side for rigging. While searching for boats I came across this Tiara, doesnt this sound really cheap for a 1992? http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1992- ... S-96801554 For some more info, this boat will be for part time chartering (just got my license) but I would still like to be able to trailer it once in awhile for tournaments and trips to 1000 islands.
  5. Ive just started to search for a new boat that Im hoping to purchase within the next year. What Im looking for is something that has an open stern area (no motor box). Is there any boats under 25 feet without outboards that dont have a motor box? It seems that once you get into the 26ft+ you start to see the motors under the floor and the rear deck open. Any suggestions would be great.
  6. This past weekend the drive belt on my sportpilot plus broke. Has anyone been able to find a replacement for this? Its the smaller belt of the two. Im going to try to contact Raymarine and see if they have the part but from what ive been told their customer service is not so good and they dont have parts for this unit anyone. Any input would be appreciated thank you.
  7. I was in Narby's a couple days ago and noticed that torpedo divers now has a downrigger weight. Has anyone tried these yet? I was going to purchase two more 15lb sharks but I am now thinking about these weights.
  8. I am planning on fishing the open division this upcoming weekend for Orleans. I noticed the mail-in deadline for registration has already passed. Does anyone know what locations I can register at during this week and what times they are open until? I believe Four C's marina was where I registered at last year before the tournament but im not sure.
  9. Well I just purchased a NMEA cable for my humminbird off ebay, so hopefully next weekend I can let you know if I think it helped at all.
  10. I have a sport pilot plus on my boat but I'm having trouble with it holding a steady course when its very rough out or there is a strong wind. My boat is aluminum and if I am heading straight into the wind the autopilot cannot correct fast enough. Does anyone have the NMEA cable installed so it follows the track off the GPS? When using the cable does it reference from the GPS course heading vs. the compass installed on the boat? I think that one of the main problems in rough seas with my aluminum boat that is it gets tossed around so much that the compass gets inconsistent readings and tends to make the autopilot over compensate. Any suggestions would be great thanks.
  11. I have the same boat and currently have four downriggers. I like running the four downriggers during the spring when you are fishing below 50fow but it gets to be a little to much with such a narrow beam when you are targeting fish below 50fow, especially when you start running flashers off the downriggers. I have two mounts on the side and three across the back. Once I start fishing deeper I just run the two side downriggers and move one of the others to the middle. There is plenty of clearance with the cannon extendable booms. Also by moving the downrigger to the center makes netting fish alot easier.
  12. I had a similar problem where my downriggers were not getting enough power, it turned out that my battery selector switch was only on #1 and the downriggers were drawing from battery #2 and draining the battery and not getting charged. So the boat was only charging battery one and not the one the downriggers were on. Might be something to check out.
  13. Thirty inch musky weighing 20lbs? they must have the length or weight wrong, just doesn't sound right. Don't get me wrong, that's still very impressive on a barbie pole!!
  14. To my surprise while looking up this lake on Google I found out that you can spearfish for walleye and trout in this lake. Check out Youtube there are some videos of people spearfishing for these huge rainbows and walleyes. I can't believe they allow spearfishing for these Gamefish in this lake. Imagine how that would go over for salmon in LO haha.
  15. Thanks for the reply, I think I am leaning more towards just on shore fishing, something to pass the time when everyone just wants to go to the beach. We will be renting a house out in Avon NC. I have a nine foot medium spinning rod with a Shimano Spirex 4000. Think it would do without having to buy another rod/reel combo?
  16. I will be going on vacation the first week in June to the Outer Banks, last year when I went I saw alot of people fishing from the beach. Anyone ever do this that could give me some tips on tackle and fishing licenses? Has anyone booked a charter from the outer banks before? Any information would be helpful.
  17. I don't think you will even get the full 1000ft on a 27 with 30lb wire.
  18. I'm having trouble when a king hits my dipsy rods they hit my side downrigger cable. The twille tip starts hitting the cable and has got stuck in the cable before.I have cannon extendable booms out the side and ten foot dipsy rods. Rod holders are about thirty inches away from the Riggers. How far away do you have your rod holders from the side rigger? Move closer so the tip extends past or farther so it doesn't reach the cable? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  19. Thanks for the input guys, I agree I cant beat the 4cyl IO in my 22 starcraft either, its actually better on gas than my 16ft Smokercraft was a 60hp Johnson I used to have before this boat.
  20. Ive started to look for a new boat and plan on purchasing one over the winter or next spring. Been considering something like the 2600 coastal. How would twin 200hp outboards (2 stroke) compare to the 454 in this boat for gas mileage? In the long run will i get better mileage out of the outboards because 1 will only be running while trolling or will the single IO result in better gas mileage? Thanks for any input
  21. Decided to take the weekend off chasing browns out of Fairhaven and went crappie fishing. Between the three of us we managed to keep 54 over the course of the weekend and probably caught over 200 between the three of us. Jigs tipped with fatheads or spikes. Best crappie fishing I have ever experienced. Here are a few pics.
  22. I run spoons off the downriggers, 2 middle downriggers 50ft back and desired depth and outside riggers 75-100 back. Planer boards with stickbaits 150-200feet back. This year so far (4 trips) the downriggers have been taking most of the browns.
  23. Could'nt pass up the stained and muddy water this afternoon and decided to go out for a couple hours this afternoon, started trolling from the pierheads east, didnt get a hit until we hit the second bluff, turned back and trolled to the piers. Ended up with 4 browns with the largest being 11 pounds. Stinger Goby in stingray size has been the hot spoon this year so far. All fish came in about 10 feet of water on the inside of the mudline in the green colored water.
  24. While comparing the two downriggers I cannot seem to figure out what the real difference between the two downriggers? Both come with the same motor and can handle 20lbs weights with 250fpm retrieval with short stop. Only difference I can see is the mag10 comes with the extendable boom. What justifies the $160 extra for the mag10?
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