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  1. Just went this year and fished with Captain Ricks Sportfishing.

    I was there in pretty good season - April - and we got skunked.

    Nice operation and boat, not the best crew. It did not seem like they cared if we caught fish or not.

    The driver spent the whole day in the toilet...

    If you get a good crew it would prolly be nice.

  2. Thats what I was thinkin Ray!

    These guys shouda really layed down an ass whoopin on ya, but hardly nothin'! :P

    Oh well I guess they are just too nice - hahahaha yea right :*

    Hapy Birfday Raye!! :lol:

  3. Every screamer I get on the line still makes a lump in my throat and I can't help looking down at the spool wondering....Do I have enough line on here???

    Then when it finally stops (feels like an eternity) I hunker down and relish the fight. When it makes more than 1 run, its awesome!

    Matt, gotta admit I LOVE fishing that pier, for even just 1 bite all night is worth it!

  4. great day on the water. we missed a little bit of the good early bite due to the travel time to get to the lake, but made up for it a little bit with the move late to the other section. it was funny to watch jasons work buddy try to reel in lakers with the trolling gear, needless to say he is not used to the right hand wind. also loved when the rigger popped and we told him to grab it. he picks it out of the rod holder and starts setting the hook? we're like what are you doing? he says getting it out of the release...and we start rolling on the floor laughing. he says "what?" so we had to tell him it was already out of the release when it pops up. still in when it shakes, out when it pops. hahaha

    anyway, we did hit a couple of nice ones, first big one jason hands off to his buddy, second one i hand off to him. hes like why are you giving these to me they are big! i say i know i love watching other people catching big fish, especially their first lakers. anyway i have other things to do like set these lines back to we can catch more!

    the lake was about like glass and got really hot!! almost too nice to catch fish, so we had to work real hard changing stuff and covering water.

    thanks jason for a great day! :yes:

  5. Its on fire right now in 6-7 FOW

    We could have hit smallmouth every couple of minutes if we wanted to, but we were fishing for BT's

    The fish looked perfect too - fat and healthy and full of fight.

    Cast some stick baits from shore or flatline some off the boat.

  6. What no picture of the smallmouths we caught Glen? :lol:

    It was a great day with some good guys. Conditions were rainy, cool and calm, but the boat traffic was the worst! :no:

    We tried to stay away from the pack and did pretty good.

    Glen put most of the fish on my side of the boat, but sneaky Richard knew what to do - let me take the small ones, then jump on the second rod with all the bigs ones!?! :P

    Thanks guys for a good time, can't wait for the Pro-Am!

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