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  1. That really stinks. I saw that there were a lot bids on it the following morning then I felt bad and thought to myself that I should have sent you a personal email instead. I will keep looking out for some more for you. eBay is tough to get a good deal anymore.
  2. Merry Christmas https://www.ebay.com/itm/254036329242?ul_ref=http%253A%252F%252Frover.ebay.com%252Frover%252F1%252F711-53200-19255-0%252F1%253Fff3%253D2%2526toolid%253D10044%2526campid%253D5337965612%2526customid%253D1234%2526lgeo%253D1%2526vectorid%253D229466%2526item%253D254036329242%2526srcrot%253D711-53200-19255-0%2526rvr_id%253D1792836525477%2526rvr_ts%253Dda19a6201670aa48c745779efffae01d&ul_noapp=true
  3. Greg, i sent the email to your gregdale@twc.com address. damian
  4. Good used condition. Will need to be wired to a switch or panel as the positive and negative leads were cut. Please see pictures. You get what is pictured. Buyer pays shipping. Contact me at [email protected]
  5. If it holds, good job. I met the captain of Redline 3 years ago. Very determined and hard working. Deep Intention Fishing Team Member Damian
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