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  1. Provided that you are getting 12 volts at the pins on the power cord, that would probably be the best place to start looking. Or try hooking up a buddy's "known to be good" VHF using your existing antenna and PL-259 connector to eliminate the possibility of a problem w/ the radio.
  2. I'll take them if shipping charges are reasonable. Check your PM's for my address.
  3. Nothing cheap. Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno et all worked hard to prevent that. Now if only Heathkit was still around, then we might have an option. Cruzpro has a Box/transducer set-up that will hook into your laptop. Last time I looked it was about $800 for 320W peak-to-peak, 50/200. Kinda pricey for that kind of performance. Some of the higher end units do have a video output....but at that point you have already bought the high resolution display. Seems kinda strange that I can buy a small screen DVD player at Walmart for about 100 bucks, w/ much better resolution than a $1200+ fishfinder AND with the old technology paper graph Lowrance 15 and 16's, I could darn near tell if the rocks on the bottom were round or pointy. But nobody can get that kind of combined performance these days for less than the price of a used car
  4. Fuel tanks are typically pressure tested at 3-5 lbs. Don't need more than that.
  5. Like ray koziatek said. If its gelcoated under them, I'd just trash the foam/vinyl covered side panels. Then trim out the lower edge in your favorite rot resistant hardwood, a few coats of Sikkens and call it good. Around here I can get a 5/4 x 6" x 8' deck board of what the store calls "Brazilian Teak"(think it's Ipe) for about $25. Rip it in half, router the cut edge and bolt it on. Should be able to do the whole thing for less than $100 including the SS fasteners. A nice, clean look. Kinda like on these. These are on a Formula F233, Seacraft Septre and a Tiara/Pursuit 20(I hijacked these pics from the web so if these belong to anyone here...Love your boat, Man!)
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