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  1. Lagerhead

    New LOU phone app

    Great app. Is there a way to view tweets on it
  2. Lagerhead

    Best fishing sunglasses

    Maui's all the way. Have had a lot of oakleys and mauis are much better lens quality and a lot more comfortable Only my personal opinion
  3. Lagerhead

    Wanted Rubber tangle free landing net

    Check out Dotline Fishing equipment. Got ours from them going on three years now and love it for walleye Definitely not big enough for salmon
  4. A friend of mines wife has asked me to order him a rocket launcher for him for Christmas. Only thing is, boat is in storage and I need to know how wide the hard top is. Hoping anyone with one of these boats can help It is a 1996 2452 cierra hard top. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John H
  5. Lagerhead

    LED spreader lights cockpit and helm lights

    give a look. love mine . very bright and only draw about an amp
  6. Lagerhead

    In-Floor Fish Box

    Our 240 coastal does the same thing. Often wondered the same thing about sealing them up. It will be interesting to see if anyone has sealed them up. When ours fills up it runs out the deck drain at least. I think the box will hold about 35 gal though.
  7. Lagerhead

    2005 150 hp merc

    Asking 6k and dont know if it has controls. sorry about that.
  8. Listing this motor for a friend. Its a 2005 150hp 2 stroke merc with less than 200 hours on it. It was on the boat he bought last year but found a good deal on a 250 that he put on. Thats the only reason he is selling it. Contact Dave at 814 382 1331
  9. Lagerhead

    1/15 last day of flintlock season

    Nice job, any deer taken with a flintlock deserves congrats. I know I cant hit the broadside of a barn with one.
  10. If these arent sold I would be very interested. 1-814-382-3647 John H
  11. Lagerhead


    Maisie, Try checking out the seaswirl "Stripers owners club" theres a lot of good info on there about those boats and boating in general. Hope this helps. John H
  12. Lagerhead

    Gas vent ?s

    siphoned some gas out and seems to be ok. thanks for the warning jimski but it was coming out the side of the boat onto the floor
  13. Lagerhead

    Gas vent ?s

    It was in October, I dont know exactly what the temp was. If it helps, the boat is a 24 ft walkaround with approx 100 gal of fuel.
  14. Lagerhead

    Gas vent ?s

    The guy who owns the building that our boat is stored in called last week and said gas was coming out the vent hole. Went over to look and unscrewed the gas cap, thought pressure might of built up with the warm weather. That seemed to help,but he called back today and said it was still leaking. The fuel tank is full and there hasnt been any problem all winter untill now. Hope someone has a tip . Thanks in advance John H.