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  1. Made it out for a run down to Pulaski's on Friday. On the water by 7:00am and started setting up lines right at the mouth of the creek. Struggled at first with some first open water season gitters... Dropped one rod in the water Then short changed myself with one of the spools and lost a board Turned around to pick it up and then things started working out. Ended the day going 7 / 11 and we were off the water by 1:00pm. Trolled Cleo's and Rogues. Yellow and Orange seemed to be the hot colors. Hopefully will be getting pics from my buddy shortly. You guys have a great fisheries down there. Hopefully I'll be down a few more times throughout the summer months.
  2. Thanks again for the info! I'll be launching out of Mexico either Friday or Saturday. Right now based on weather... it'll be Saturday
  3. Thanks guys. Gives me some options now. Hopefully it won't be as bumpy this weekend.
  4. Hi all, Planning on heading down to Mexico point this Friday. Went down a few weeks ago in a different boat at the Pulaski launch and it had quite a drop. I'll be launching a 20 foot boat, wondering if there's any better areas I should be going to in order to drop the boat in and not have any issues. Thanks, Carl
  5. Here's the link you're looking for: http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/Le ... 65338.html More detailed on open seasons and zones. http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/Le ... 63615.html
  6. Those are some great looking fish. Love those browns. I'm gonna have to head down stateside and target them sometime this spring.
  7. Hi Robert, I'm from Ottawa and I'd say your closest place is Cobourg, Port Hope or Dalhousie. They all hold rainbows and nooks. As for Kingston area, you can try your luck around duck islands although closer to Napanee. ealier in the season you get lakers and as the season progresses, rainbows and chinooks start showing up. A little farther you have Wellington where you can target rainbows and chinooks as well. The only thing to keep in mind is you have a long boat ride to get to these fishing spots so pick your days based on winds. Hope this helps a little bit.
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