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  1. I know i wasn't thinkin' about trolling methods when i saw the title ! lol
  2. I was just curious how the fishing was here and what is the the most saught after kind of fish ?? When i used to make my runs up 41 to Auburn always said i wanted to fish it .any help would be appreciated.Thanks Mike
  3. guess i'm gonna have to leave the wife home this year when i get my NY license's or i'll be hanging new wallpaper
  4. thanks to everyone for the welcomes and boat name ideas,with the warm weather today i cant' wait for open water !!!
  5. I live in BeachLake ,right in the northeast corner on the NY border.
  6. well, i'm married ,have 2 boys anything that keeps me outside is my hobby lol fishing hunting and trapping are my favorites though.i'm a maintenance and repair tech for verizon telecom.
  7. Just singed up last night the site looks like its full of all kinds of info and great people!my name is Mike and am from northeast PA.My family and i have chartered a few trips out of Henderson H . and we're all hooked to say the least! baught a boat over the winter , it is a 20' bayliner trophy w/a haven't named it yet though.Can't wait for spring!!!!
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