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  1. Now that's getting into your work ! nice shoulder mount by the way . Mike
  2. why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets ??
  3. I voted Verizon, my work provides me with a Vz cell phone and also broadband card for my laptop cell coverage is better than average and the wireless card is ok, my personal cell (have the family plan) is also Vz --- not that i use it too much but when i need it it's there. 15 % discount makes it easier to swallow to. Mike
  4. great job ! 2 years ago my youngest boy caught a 17lb laker (he was 11 at the time) he still reminds me how he caught the biggest one that day. Like Longline wrote ,"he'll remember that one for a long time,
  5. i like the idea too maybe put a dr. release on it so when the bear grabs it no harm done to the pole.
  6. nice fish ! how deep were you ?
  7. a good swat with the fish pole might be in order! He was probably just P.O. 'cause you showed him up in front of his wife.
  8. great looking boat !! good luck with it
  9. sounds like a good time .it figures , my boat won't be ready by then.
  10. register it in PA its alot easier on you.
  11. a pain would be my first impression.i know its a 2 rod/man rule how would they count the xtra bait?
  12. welcome aboard ! where about are you from?
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