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  1. I have nothing to add, but just wanted to say "Thank you" for letting me know I'm not the only one out there with fishing equipment sickness like this. No man of sound mind needs 150 spoons. I'm sure you may have bought them on a closeout or on sale, much like women buy shoes... It does not matter how they came to be... I'm just saying "Thank you".
  2. Good info, but useless unless you can say what that 18" means... Is it the bags open diameter?
  3. For comparison, the G2 Outfitters bags; http://www.g2outfitters.com/trolling-bags.html
  4. You may have shot yourself in the foot. Here's why: The Big Papa uses a measurement to size their bags different than the Amish Outfitters bags. As an example, the Big papa 28" inch bag is much smaller than the 28" Amish outfitters bag. In this case the BigPapa bag opens to an open diameter of 17.8" when compared to the 28" Amish outfitters bag. Both 28" bags are priced within a few dollars but in order to get to the full 28" open diameter in the Big papa's you'd need to buy the 42" (which would still be a little smaller) and still pay about $15 more than the Amish Outfitters. From Amish Outfitters: link- https://amishoutfitters.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1&zenid=963b0b4d2d96e24fbc7860de4bc23956These bags come in seven sizes. All sizes are measured in open diameter. From the Big papa web site: Link- http://www.bigpapasportfishing.com/trolling_bags.htm 6 size bags for every boat size - Size is measured along the curve of the wide end when the bag is laying flat.
  5. This is a G2 Outfitters trolling bag. Used one time. opens to 48" open diameter. It is a BIG bag. $75 shipped. 20151022_150438.jpg
  6. There! the bottle is empty! Ya'll happy?? (i'm not a fan of bud Lite)
  7. Not yet, but I will make it an empty! I must have stewed it up.. I can see a bit of it on the right hand side. Sooo, here's another pic. Thanks you the heads up!
  8. I've got one 48" trolling bag thats been used about a dozen times. It's marked up a bit, but there's zero damage to it. Amish made in Pa. Open diameter is 30". There's a beverage bottle in the picture to gauge the size of the bag. Very heavy duty. $45 shipped, Best/offer.
  9. Bags are not a problem once you set them up correctly. Tie them to the mid ship cleat, and let them run along side the boat so that the tail end of the bag is just forward of the transom. You want that length of line short enough so that the bag doesn't interfere with your running gear when you turn. That boat will run 3mph+/-, but I'm guessing a little more on the + side depending on how you're propped. Most boats set up like that from non fishermen are propped for speed. Gonna have to do something for sure to slow it down... Good luck!
  10. G2 Outfitters bags. Heaviest duty, not made out of boat cover material, and you can put them away wet and will not mold or mildew like the other ones. 2 inch webbing, very heavy duty and better price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trolling-Bags-Amish-made-36-pair-Trolling-sock-drift-sock-/281082334662?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4171d00dc6
  11. Those trees sure look green to be after the gun season.....
  12. G2 Outfitters. 100% made in USA. Eliminated problems and gimmicks found in other popular producers, and went with a stronger base material. Shipping north of the border not a problem.
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