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  1. A buddy caught this 35lb. 9oz slob yesterday morning in front of the shute in 200 fow. Not in the derby though. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Well, now I might regret shooting the buck I shot. My dad had been telling me about a buck that he was seeing by the house that was a giant. That deer was a giant, but now he is a dead giant because the neighbors ended up getting him yesterday. It's one of those situations where you have to be happy for the guy who shot him, but on the other hand you get the sick feeling in your gut because he is gone and not there to hunt come gun season. Alright I guess I am a little jealouse. Congrats to Steve on the buck though, nice job!!! There's good genetics there so hopefully there is another one like this. what do you guys think for a score? my guess is high 150's to low 160's gross.
  3. Thanks guys. Yeah he's a nice buck and not ashamed at all. I just know there is bigger and have shot a lot bigger but that was at a time in my life when I could hunt more than I can now. I still have doe tags but with my luck I will be out doe hunting and the big one will come in and I will be helpless. I guess that is alright though, at least I will know where to hunt with the gun and like Ray said I can just enjoy being out there as I do every time I get out. I didn't score him, he's probably about 110-120 points. I don't think he will meet the P&Y minimum of 125 but maybe NY Big Buck Clubs 120 but that's even doubtful. I really was hoping to be able to get into some browns now, but the places I fish are either too low and there is no fish at all or the bigger places that have water are full of salmon and steelies but no browns. If anybody wants to give an ethical catch and release fisherman a clue on the browns, PM me. It would be greatly appreciated. I'd even meet you there and fish with you. It's nice when you get a chance to meet fellow LOU guys.
  4. Took a decent 8 pt. 10/17 afternoon hunt. Hard to pass bucks like this then once o shoot them I second guess myself weather I should have shot or waited for bigger. Well, now I can do some fishing. [ Post made via Android ]
  5. I was fishing just above the Island in the slower rapids yesterday and had a 20' pontoon boat come up past me that went another couple hundred yards up to where the rapids get stronger. I was in waders in about 2 feet of water and he was closer to the west bank but it couldn't have been much deeper there. I thought he was crazy myself. I see drift boats go that far but a Pontoon is a little much. I guess people will do anything to get a fish. By the way fishing was hot both Saturday and yesterday with the right baits and rigs. Saturday was mostly fresh steelies for me while yesterday was all salmon. There were a lot of people but you could still find places to fish and have a good time.
  6. By the way, the asking price is $27,995.00. I forgot the most important part. [ Post made via Android ]
  7. I just wanted to say that I find it amusing to break the Christmas light bulbs at the top of the screen. I must be bored at work today because I have been on here a couple times and found the need to hit the bulbs with my browser and break them all each time I have been on.
  8. Dave, I work for a dealership and can assure you that it's a buyers market right now, but the sales are starting to pick up.I have alot of new boats that we are basically giving away, but we don't have much used inventory. If you want to shoot me an email with a phone # I can give you a call Friday as I am off tomorrow and headed fishing. I have a couple customers looking for similar boats and may be able to work something out on a consignment basis. [email protected]
  9. still doing pretty good on glows and an occasional one on sacs, but is slowing down. the crowds are gone and last night we were the only ones there. had four on and landed one but it was foul hooked. lots of fish jumping in the river still. will probrably give it a shot wednesday if the weather isn't too bad.
  10. Here is the pic of the laker I took a couple weeks back on a sac at night. Not sure what it weighed, but was a nice fish. What was it thinking being in that warm water?
  11. I think he actually bought it. lol Nice fish Adam told you I would get you hooked
  12. Had a good night with 3 landed and a few others on that were camera shy, but gave good fights. cleos and sac's were 50/50. Looks like the action is picking up, but so will the crowds. Saw quite a few others have fish on with a few of them landed, and saw a stealhead being carried off early. I'm going to be smart and take the night off due to the weather but will be back at it asap. see ya out there
  13. I would have to agree. I said the same thing in an earlier post, but as you have seen, they don't care. I would hope that the culprits aren't part of this site. It's probrably a pretty good assumption that they aren't because we on this site are the ones that care. I like your suggestions on hiow to handle it if you see it happening. And for those who are afraid to speak up, don't be, you have all the back up you need. see you there!
  14. Hey Adam, you need to post your pic of your first landed. Glad to see the excitement passed on to another fishaholic. That's the reason that most of us are willing to share our knowledge. see you there tonight. Give me a call when you get there. Mark
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