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  1. Great fish congrats !!! Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Wow great fish !!! Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. very nice ! some set of teeth on that shark
  4. nice catch !! hoping i can get out to do some fishing soon myself been working on my honey doo list while on strike.
  5. nice pictures ,gonna have to get mine out too.
  6. to each their own i guess maybe clip a leadcore to him and let him drift back a ways
  7. wow sure is a beauty congrats to the lucky hunter !
  8. The thunder stick was finally able to spit fire! lol .its been a long season full of to far shots they are running too fast or geez its getting kinda late . Apparently the next property over had a few guys giving it their all 'cause it was a steady stream of deer all morning most were too far except for the 4 that came in to about 40 yards 3 does and a half rack buck.The first doe cleared the pines and i touched her off ! double lung hit she went 'bout 70 yards.
  9. Here in PA the late flintlock is my favorite season of all ! I have a T/C Hawken that i made in high school and have harvested a good many whitetails with it using 100 grains of 2f powder and a patched roundball .I've always targeted the boiler room and never had them go too far 30 yd s max however i have shot a few in the neck and high in the shoulders that tipped them over right there with minimal damage to hide and meat 'course it is a flint lock and i'm sure the ballistics vary quite a bit from an inline .
  10. great pictures congrats to all the lucky hunters !
  11. great pictures thanks for sharing -- shed hunting would be fun there !
  12. mschott

    Bow Buck

    great looking deer congrats !
  13. the rest of your 2 gallons might have been left in the hose after you were done pumping.
  14. awesome pictures thanks for sharing
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