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  1. nice looking fish sounds like it was a great day !
  2. nice fish ,pa stocks a few of them in the streams 'round here for the first day of trout-- need a helmet when you walk anywhere near a hole with one in it there is more hardware getting chucked at them than you can imagine !! last one i caught was ---well it was a while i can tell you that i was trolling with an f5 flatfish with my grandad on duckharbor in nepa
  3. I had a similar issue with my little boat -had a 40 hp o/b -would run great up to almost 1/2 throttle anything after that the motor would bog out .i changed all filters cleaned gas tank new gas line you name it .Nothing helped last ditch effort i changed the spark plugs (4) runs like a top now .
  4. My families thoughts and prayers go to your family
  5. I see the spot where the picture should be but that s it.
  6. nice ride good luck with her !
  7. like Ray said coulda made a good dupont plug err i mean rigger weight
  8. the senko's were probably on sale at the marina - looks like it had to hurt though hopefully a "lesson learned"
  9. depending on the size of the fish box could you maybe find say an igloo cooler to take its place?wish mine were removeable
  10. stand flat-footed & rape a turkey. with your permission i'm gonna use that one !!
  11. I was curious if anybody here had any experience with them .Any pros or cons. just an example.... http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... hasJS=true
  12. My family is praying for you , your mom and family.
  13. our prayers and thoughts are for you and your family!!
  14. nice boat good luck with it -any pic's of the inside?
  15. I had the same type of bug get in mine,tried everything i could think of got rid of most of it ,but seemed liked the "host"was hidden cause when i'd reboot and click on anything it would repopulate and i'd be back at ground zero this virus got through norton totally undetected . What worked for me was a 20$ subscription to Stopzilla its an anti ad & malware program found something like 700 infected files .What it didnt get rid of avast took care of the rest.- my hair is starting to grow back now .
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