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  1. because I had to change batteries on a couple of my dead cameras I sat in one my tree stands without even my bow because I wasn't going to shoot anything anyways and don't have a buck tag. in the last hour I seen 3 different bucks I would of shot and it was just crazy with deer. that's the benefits of filling your tag early. I have 6 tree stands on my 56 acres and by now there usually all blown out. it's amazing what just a little bit of pressure of will do on a hunting property. I also have 5 cameras which I leave out all year and its always the same time frame when they go nocturnal especially the bigger ones. tonight truly amazed me. with the current weather/snow conditions I would bet this to be a record year for opening weekend or close to it..
  2. another vote for the G5 striker. it's a very rare occasion I don't get a pass through and was a little shocked... and disappointed when I didn't this year.
  3. looks like a bunch of nice deer taken. congrats to everyone. my arrow snapped also. about 7 inches back. saw it fly off to the side and it was such a loud crack I thought I buried it into his shoulder blade and broke at the broadhead screw. 12 yards. could see it on the ground but not good enough to know how much was gone. wasn't feeling too good. fortunately he tried to cross the bean field to make it to the thick cover where they like to bed and I saw him drop about a 100 yards out. if he went the other way it would have been into standing corn and there was no blood trail. the broken piece was laying across the chess cavity and went thru the heart. ended up making a slice and pushed it out the other side. I think he snapped it when he kicked back with his right leg. beautiful day to be out there. good luck everyone
  4. hey gator.. I know what you mean....I burned my buck tag on oct. 4 on one of our local lake Ontario lunkers. haven't been on here in awhile but remember meeting you a few times when fishing with my friend jim (pequad) its been not quite as much fun sitting around as much with the just the doe but I have anyways because I just enjoy being out so much anyways. but definitely haven't been out nearly as much if I still had my tag.thought I would check out the site and read all 37 pages of the thread.lol..felt like a lurker lol. I don't know how to post pics but a friend on said he would do it for me. good luck.
  5. ladyblugill

    for sale : usa 16 ft 1985 Starcraf

    3900 excellent condition many xtras ready to go. must see
  6. ladyblugill

    for sale : usa 16 ft 1985 Starcraf

    Just loaded them
  7. ladyblugill

    for sale : usa 16 ft 1985 Starcraf

    16 ft 1985 Starcraft. 50 hp Mercury and Highlander trailer. Always kept in garage and not used a lot. VGC. Includes downriggers, rodholders, depthfinder, VHF radio electric trolling motor and battery and all the xtras you need. Also has top, side curtains and full cover. Must see. $4200. Greece NY. 585-355-7460
  8. 19' Chaparral Striker. $6,500 Original owner. Includes EZ loader Trailer. Great condition. 4.3L 180HP Mercruiser I/O (Upgrade for this model). Was used strictly for fishing so the boat comes with down riggers, rod holders, electronics etc. Professionally maintained and always stored indoors. This boat won't last. Please respond by phone (585.355.7460) or IM. This boat is located in Greece NY. Ask for Mark
  9. LOL....would that mean it wouldn't be a advantage to catch 30 and thro back your smallest 27. culling is allowed in the open division from what I remember but have not been following lately so could be wrong and a MERRY X-MAS to all.
  10. was there yesterday. as said tons of dinks.kept a dozen for a meal.mostly 8 inchers. had 4 between 9 and 12 inches.went to sliders and spikes because got tired of baiting fatheads. same thing one after another. didn't matter where I went.still a beautiful day to be out and got a nice meal.
  11. i guess it wasn't me. I have 56 acres in the parma/Hilton area and went out Thursday morning for the opener as usual. only heard one gobbler on the roost and for about an hour longer. then bang, and my neighbor probably got him. after that only saw 2 hens. the worst I have seen it in over 10 yrs. thought maybe it was the tough winter or coyote problem. saw plenty of turkeys last fall but a unusual amount of coyotes also while deer hunting. was out sunday evening checking things out and saw only 4 turkeys 3 hens and the tom that probably was shot in one group. the thing is I also counted 17 deer, the most I have ever counted on the property at one time. so the bad winter/coyotes didn't hurt them any. I don't get it but do know they aren't on that block as usual. I've never got skunked for the may season but am not very confident this yr.
  12. is that like the youth deer hunt is going to encourage the next generation to become hunters? lol...thank you for your opinion also. like i said everyone has their own agenda.
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