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  1. The truth to the lower water levels is that Obama has been selling it to the Russians. Several Russian subs were sighted this summer just off False Duck Island. They fill up with our fresh water and take it to Cuba. That was what Obama was saying to the Russians this summer when he thought he had a closed mic and said he would have more leeway when he was reelected. It is all part of his plan to socialize the US.
  2. OK guys. I sail and fish both. If I were you I would explain what happened to the sailing group. They most likely will have a schedule of events they can give you but should also understand that they really screwed you over. It might be a good idea to let them know how they should go around you so they do not cut your lines. I know non fishermen who think as long as they go behind a fishing boat they are not going to do you any harm. They are clueless as to trolling. It's a learning curve that those guys need to know. You might also learn something about how sailboats need to operate. The racing courses are laid out in advance so if you knew when those guys would be there you could stay out of the course. If you really want to see a mess check out a crew race when the fishing lines get tangled around the oars.
  3. Need Advice. I grew up fishing on Long Island Sound and until recently never got involved here in WNY. Is the steelhead fishing around Youngstown and the lake good in the spring or should I head further east or west. I have a Canadian license so no problem there. I fish out of a Proline 17. I lost a friend to the whirlpool a few years ago so I am not interested in going up there. Any advice as to when, where and how would be appreciated.
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