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  1. Up camping at the state park, and getting out on the water when we can. I fished solo from 10 to 1 on Sunday without a bite, running one rigger and one wire dipsy. Fished from 95 to 150 fow, and did mark some hooks around bait, just no takers. Fished Monday morning with my brother and just couldn't find much of anything. Got one 8 lb brown down 40 on a magnum frog spoon. No other action. Took my neice and nephew out Tuesday morning in the rain and rough conditions with a pretty good sourherly. Fished 100-300 fow, and again no hits. Looked like boats mostly were in search mode. Decided we would try cut bait, which is new to us, so stopped by Screwy Louie's in the afternoon and they hooked us up. Wind died in the afternoon and we knew Wednesday wouldn't be fishable, so we launched at 6 on a calm lake. Set up in 225 just northeast of chute. Twenty minutes in had two 7-8 lb kings, one on the meat behind flasher on 80 rigger, and one on a FLT spoon (blue green ladderback that was free slider) on 90 rigger. Trolled out to 300, screen was pretty blank the whole time, turned back south and about 8:00 the wire dipsy out 180 took a shot, over 225 fow. Fish put up a good fight, with runs to 400. My brother Mark (yukiginger) played it well, and we put the 24 lber on the deck. This was also on meat rig behind a flasher. It was a beautiful couple hours out there. Hope to be back out tomorrow. Will add pictures soon.
  2. We were in the same general area, although we continued to troll north to 500 feet to see what the half dozen or so boats that were out there saw, with no luck. We pulled lines and headed back in to the 250 fow area we had left. We ended up 10 for 12 with 5 keepers, which is a good day for us. 3 steelies 5-7 lbs, an 8 lb laker, and a small king. Top 40 feet for us. Caramel dolphin caught a few early off the rigger, free slider. One on a flt king of sting spoon off a dipsey, and a couple off flasher/ fly. Laker was on a black and silver stickbait off a board, so up high. Be back at it in five weeks out of fair haven. A beautiful day on the water with my brother and his neighbor.
  3. We went 6 for 7 in the same area, 8 lb. Laker, couple browns 5 and 6, and a bonus 8 lb. walleye ( my first, released). We only lasted about an hour this morning 4/19 before the waves built too much and scared us off.
  4. Got out with my brother (yukiginger) for our shakedown this afternoon out of Irondequoit bay. It was just clearing out of the north as we were driving up, and we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful afternoon on the water. Very light winds and nice sunshine. That may not have helped the fishing, but... We put out our boards with various stickbaits, and eventually got a rigger down with a spoon. We fished east of the chute and got all the way down to Webster park and Hedges. It was a slow afternoon overall for us, but we managed a couple keeper browns, and caught probably 5 dink salmon. The hot stick was a black and gold rapala, but got a brown on a caramel dolphin spoon off the rigger also. Water temps were 46-50, marked plenty of fish, but couldn't get many to go. The fish we caught were in 12-15 feet of water. All in all a nice start to the season for us, though, and the boat ran great. Hope to be out again tomorrow morning and maybe Sunday morning. Good luck to all.
  5. I'll take them. Will pm you.
  6. Thanks, Sk8man and Legacy. I think I'll try the church tx22s.
  7. Guys, I've run otter boats in the spring for browns, with some success (don't get out much), but I think I'd like to try inline planers this year for the whole season. What board do you recommend for inline? I have a couple copper setups that I always run a dipsy off. I was thinking of running the inline off mono or braid, and using either a jet diver or snap weight for depth. I read somewhere that you could run a dipsy (non-mag) off the Church tx22, but it seems that would be borderline. Board - Church tx22, Offshore? I like the church with the clip to ensure I don't lose the board. Your thoughts on board and any rigging limitations are appreciated, thanks.
  8. Thanks, abc. Sea chaser here also, the 19. Love the fishing room!
  9. Fished Keuka for the first time ever today out of Branchport. Options were limited in this wind, and it was a good choice. We ended up limiting on lakers, mostly small, but got one 4 and one close to 5. Flashers and flies were the ticket, with one mountain dew spinny and atomik fly taking the majority of fish. Lots of fish in the north branch and we stayed in the 160-180 range and marked fish consistently from 60-100 fow. A beautiful fall day on the finger lakes with my brother and another good fishing buddy.
  10. I couldn't get out with my brother out of Irondequoit with the wind on the weekend, but my mom joined me for her first time on the lake out of sodus this morning. We set up in about 100' at 7:30 and marked a couple waypoints with some fish but couldn't get them to go. I ran one dipsy with f/f but nothing on that. Ran spoons with free sliders on two riggers, and after switching out spoons, caught our only fish, an 18 lb. King. Hit a pro king Magnum with 107 ft. Of cable out. That was it, one hit , but at least we landed it. Boats seemed to mostly in search mode once we got there. Did mark the occasional big fish down 90-120, but few and far between. Fished between 100 and 190 fow. Snapped my d ipsy wire when twitching it to shake the fleas off and watched my gear slowly sink. Very fortunately snagged by my riggers line and saved the $30 in gear. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Launched with my brother Mark at 6:30 and set up in about 150 fow and trolled north. Plenty of boats out today east of port, but it seemed most were searching. We saw very little on the graph today. Some fish around 50 seemed to be the depth, but only a couple good sized hooks all morning. Ran two riggers with free sliders and two disputes with flasher/ fly on wire. After switching spoons on the deep rigger at 105, caught a 7 lb. King on the slider on a watermelon spoon. Reset and probably 15 minutes later caught an 11 lb. Laker on pro king magnum spoon down 105. Caught both fish in 260-285 fow. That was it for the day and pulled just after noon. Fleas were pretty bad, but a nice day to be out. Breeze came up a little as we were finishing. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Later start for my brother (yukiginger) and me this morning after the fireworks at the folks' house last night. Decided to go launch out of Hughes marina after our struggles out of Irondequoit bay yesterday. Set down in about 150 fow. Current unbelievably strong and the dipsy tangles lead us to abandoning them before too long. Before we did, though, did have one king about 10-12 lbs. On a flasher fly, but he decided to take a last run at the net and cut off in the prop. Caught one laker about 8 lbs. , small brown and a skippy king on spoons down 70-85 in 125-240 fow. Had a couple more decent fish get off after brief battles, so not happy with our 3 for 6 morning. Lake did settle down mid to late morning, though, and the fishing beat the alternative. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Put down in 75 fow straight out at 6, slow going in the chop. Not much doing, lots of bait down about 80 over 100, not many marks. Did have one fish on, but briefly. Pretty much as soon as I pulled the rod, cranked down and pulled back up, it broke off. We think it hit one of the wire lines. Lost those two spoons, nbk down 70 with a monkey puke cheated. Nasty current out there to the west. Stayed in 100-130 as the wind was coming up, and boat control got difficult. That was it, got to be a little rough by 9 with about 4 footers. Ran two flasher/flies on dipsies, but no hits. Seemed to be letting up just slightly when we headed in at 10. Only saw a couple other boats out, might try out of Hughes tomorrow. Surface temp about 69-70 for what it's worth. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. My brother (yukiginger) and I launched just after 5 and started in 75 fow. Continued north with the other boats and settled mostly in 145-165 feet of water. We ended about 8 for 9 with some skippy kings, a decent king and a nice steelie. A stingray hammer spoon took most fish off the riggers at 50 to 60 down, but we took a couple on a mountain dew spinny with fly. Came back in shallow and hit one in 75 feet on the way back in. Lots of boats out, so hopefully people were doing well. Beautiful day out there. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Had to make a quick trip this morning for just a couple hours. Again fished straight out just north of mud line in 55-70 fow. Didn't do as well as yesterday, but did manage a decent steelie and Skippy king. Same colors as yesterday, green and black nbk and blue and yellow stinger off diggers down 35-50. Saw other boats hooked up, so they're biting. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Learning the app; here's a pic. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Started out at 6:30 this morning just east of bay. As another poster showed, mud line well defined. We fished primarily just north of it in 60-70. Fished directly north of the bay later in the morning at 70 ft and marked tons of bait. Caught one 10 lb Laker, small king (didn't make a good ID until we got home, thought it was a steelie), and a 13 and 15 lb king. 4 for 6 in total. Green was the color for us, nbk and glow frog. Riggers down 45-60, nothing off boards. Another good day on the water with my brother. Met Dave and Sheila (bondouley) at launch coming in. Recognized them from their posts. They got a few also. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Shakedown cruise this morning with my twin brother (yu kiginger) out of Irondequoit. Launched about 6:30, put a flatlined stick straight back as we cleared the pier and had a cookie cutter brown in just a few minutes. we took another few small browns and one small king at 7 lbs. King hit a purple and white r&r spoon down just 6 ft. We fished in 15-30 ft of water all morning between the bay and Shipbuilders. Lots of small marks, but few decent marks. Had one other decent fish get off, ending 5 for 6. Slower than I had hoped based on reports, but I'm not capable of putting those numbers in the boat, I'm afraid. Nice to be out, but doesn't look promising tomorrow.
  19. Got a little later start than yesterday, but got fishing about 7 with my brother (yukiginger). We started in about 90 fow pretty much straight out of the bay. Had a small steelie on an orange and black spoon pretty quickly, but got off about 30 feet back. That fish was only about 20 ft. down. Continued trolling north, and at 200 ft, despite a pretty blank screen, had a nice rip on the dipsy out 135' with a white spin doctor with black and green dots and green and white fly. After a nice battle, landed a 22 lb. king. We worked that same area a litte while, but without many fish on the screen, decided to continue north to join a few boats that were out deeper. Unfortunately, we still didn't have much action or see any activity in 325-400, so pulled lines and went back into 200. The screen had improved, and we took a few more shots on the same dipsy rig, landing a baby king and a small brown. Had one more spoon bite, but that fish got off just after a few seconds. Nice to put a good fish on the deck, and spend the holiday weekend fishing with my brother on LO. Other than a storm that was a little too close for comfort yesterday afternoon, the winds and waves were quite favorable. Thanks to all who share information on this site.
  20. Got out the last two days with my brother out of Ibay. Mid afternoon yesterday started in about 100 fow, marked occasional fish, worked a waypoint or two in the 100-150 range, but couldn't get them to go. Pulled and motored out to 250 to check on things, but saw nothing. Went out again this morning, fishing around 6:30 and set down in about 90 fow. Again, only occasional marks, mainly in the top 50 fow. Worked all the way out to 300 feet without moving a rod. Saw a boat hook up twice with small to medium fish, didn't see anyone else getting into anything. Worked back into about 140, marked lakers on the bottom and dropped a dipsy with bloody death spin doctor and purple fly down, and caught two. One was a nice, fat 16 lb'er, and the other a 9 lb. fish. Picked up one more small laker a little while later on a cheated purple and white spoon, probably only down about 30'. Nice to put something on the deck. Disappointing that we couldn't many of the higher marks to go, but we'll give it another try in the morning. Good luck to all.
  21. Thanks, Iceman. I thought it would generate more interest. I was up this past weekend, cleaned it up nice, fired it up, and it's now for sale at Arney's Marina in Sodus Point. If anyone is interested, please call Bob Boise at Arney's at 315-483-9111.
  22. Bumping it up.... This is a great boat, very versatile. It can be used as a cruiser; I've taken 6 people for pleasure rides, and has nice open fishing decks and easy access with the side console. If you're interested in it as a non-fisher, I would remove some of the fishing equipment and adjust price accordingly. Please see my original posting for full details. Asking $13000. I will be removing the boat from storage this weekend, will fire her up and she'll be ready to hit the lake. Truly a turnkey boat ready to fish, in great condition at only 5 years old. Could even arrange a trip on the water for someone seriously interested.
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