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  1. For sale 2014 Honda 20hp 4 stroke outboard. This was on a 17' pontoon on a HP restricted lake. I am upgrading my pontoon to a 60hp and am posting this for sale. - Long Shaft - Remote Controls - Power Tilt Asking $3200 I am located due south of Buffalo...in Evans, NY -Eric
  2. Anyone looking for a boat to cast from? My fishing partner couldn't get his balls back from his wife and cant fish. I have a an older tracker targa...front platform and a self mad rear platform Let me know, othewise I have no problems fishing with all my friends...I mean alone. -Ericmic
  3. Repowered my boat with a larger motor and am offering this 1996 Mercury 60 hp ELPTO outboard. Includes flush mount controls, prop and remote ignition. Trim Tilt was replaced with a NEW (all metal and cost $1,000) version just over a year ago. Motor runs well and served me well it just is to small for my boat. Winterized properly every year and I only used NON-Ethanol gas. The only issue I had more recently was with key ignition module at the end of last season. Since it is no longer on my boat nor connected up, I cannot start it. I am selling this as is..Parts or whatever. Its located on Chautauqua Lake. Anyways, $1,100/BO. Pick up only. -Eric
  4. My brother caught his Muskie today. Thanks for running this tourney Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Do I have to bring my boat to mayville or can I just drive my truck there to register? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. New to Muskie fishing here, but I am all in. So...I am hoping to attend this as my 1st tournament. Where can I go to find out more info about the rules and such. If I missed any of these answers in one of the previous posts I apologize in advance. Do I need a bump board? If so where can I buy it (I am from buffalo/Chautauqua) My boat is in the water in Asheville...do I need to drive it up to mayville for the start? How do I register the fish I catch? Most important...who do I give the correct spelling of my name to for the winning trophy?!?!??!!! [emoji16] -ericmic Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Had a bunch of followers on glide baits. Couldn't seal the deal though. Taking nap now then will go back when the masses go eat dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Been here all week. Haven't seen anyone fishing for Muskie. Just bass walleye and panies. But it is a big lake... This is my 1st spring for Muskies. Can't wait till tomorrow. I will be throwing the south basin up to bemus/toms. Water is very clear. Temps today were 65+ on surface this evening. Morning was 62 ish. I run a red tracker targa. -ericmic1 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. My 1st Muskie was pure accident...was perch fishing a weedline on Chautauqua with ultra light and 4lb test. Thought I snagged a bucket of weeds till I noticed the line swimming the wrong direction...few moments later she came up next to boat. Friend said "should I get the net..." Raised her 2 mores times. Landed and released in good shape (as far as i could tell). 40" Muskie...I didn't play it a lot. I just gentlely convinced it to come up. I had 4lb test and only maybe 50yrds of line so I followed her with my front trolling motor for a bit till she could be nudged up. That was the single best catch in fresh water for me...
  10. Oh...I know... Caught my 1st muskie...well first that I was targeting while casting. I am hooked now.
  11. Did the math and ended up getting a new 8hp motor from Cabelas for less than $900 + my giftcards... Thank you though. Please close this or let it die.
  12. looks like a mudpuppy to me too.. http://ohioamphibians.com/salamanders/Is_it_a_Hellbender_or_Mudpuppy.html
  13. ericmic1

    cant wait!

    I prefer thundersticks
  14. ericmic1

    cant wait!

    It never fails...every week before opener i cant sleep and when i do i dream about stick baits/trolling motors and eyes chasing me around. I am pysched as usual, this winter seemed longer than normal. I will be out @ 12:01 sat morning on chautauqua Those of you nightowls...Hope you all have a productive and safe time out. -ericmic
  15. Thanks PF, The 1st pic is a video, you have to click the picture to see it. Caught a cpl more over the holiday, my neighbor thought i was full of beans when I said I was using a piece of rope...that is until he came out with me and landed a couple himself.
  16. Thanks again for the help with these toothy techniques! Took my brother out and he got this 38"er Click picture to see the video...[VIDEO] Caught a bunch of them ike these by myself...[PICS] -ericmic1
  17. Wow, you guys did it again. Valuable, usefull info! I used the advice here and caught my 1st gar saturday, was a blast the rope lures i made took a bunch of hits before I could get them to get stuck. Sunday was even better, caught a bunch. Hardest part for me was releasing them, I used a glove to pick them up (safely) but the rope I was using was really really stuck in their mouths (any advice here?). I thought about prying their mouths open and picking it out with long pliers...is this the right way? Thanks again! -ericmic1
  18. Sorry for the delay on my report...busy with work and school. Got out friday night about 2am. 5 minutes in landed a 22". Did a few more passes then moved to deeper ledge - notta there Moved up the Bemus area and got another 22". Back on dock around 5:30am Saturday didnt fish at all during day...was too dam tired was tired and just did 4 passes in same area..Landed a 23" and a 16" (released for next year) was back on dock at 10pm The late start (friday)and full(ish) moon (fri/sat) made it tough...but still fun as hell. I was trolling Thundersticks and color does matter =) -ericmic1
  19. Geez Capt Larry, Maybe you should invest in a refinery...might actualy be cheaper, lol. tcon, I am sure you wont be missing much. There arent any walleye in Conesus anyways =). fly, forecast for friday has winds out of the west from 10-15mph, if that influences your decision. Rather everyone is safe than be selfish and have Chautauqua for myself. ...cant wait cant wait...
  20. Thanks Capt Larry, That was the station I was refering to and I am psyched about it. He is about .50-.75 lower than the marinas. For those in Buffalo area, Noco on Route 5 in Lackawana has 91 octane that is Eth-Free too. Since I work just down the road I can either fill up my tanks there or pick it up at Crouch's if I dont work that day.
  21. Where are you going to setup shop Friday night? I will be on Chautauqua trolling around happy to be out. I am soo excited, havent slept well all week. I feel like I did when i was a youngster waiting for the 1st little game of the year. Everything seems to be going well: Boat floats, motor running great since i found a NON-Eth supply that doesnt cost a fortune, picked up a bunch of new sticks, rods, reels, etc...Picked up a pair of group 31 batteries to run the electric for a screaming deal ($60ea) (not optima but same ones I was paying $200 for before), wife is gonna leave me alone all weekend. She decided to stay home for the opener. Just gotta wait another couple of days....this is killing me! -ericmic1
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