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  1. kenF

    Keuka Keuka Fishing

    Thanks guys. I will be up for the week on vacation. I typically fish 6-8(9) am, before the family gets up. I concerned with all the rain, it might have changed the fishing pattern. Sounds like I can stick to my plan. Thanks again.
  2. I am heading to Keuka Lake this Saturday (July 5th). Can anyone tell me how the fishing is? Particularly interested in Lakers. Has all the rain effected the fishing at all? Thanks!
  3. kenF

    Keuka Tips

    Semperfi I usually fish Keuka 3-5 times a year. I used to troll, but now switched over to jigging. I seem to have the best luck fishing with Cabela's RealImage Jigging Spoons both Jointed and Non-Jointed. I have the most luck using firetiget, silver/neon blue and mother of pearl of pearl. I seem to have the best luck either jigging the spoon from bottom to top or bouch it off the bottom a bit then real fast for about 10 reals. The latter tech. is a little harder to hook fish, but is a producer. Good Luck.
  4. kenF

    Keuka 5/14 & 5/15

    Thanks for the info. I will report back when I return.
  5. kenF

    Keuka 5/14 & 5/15

    Where about's on the Branchport side? I am heading up Thursday morning to fish the weekend.
  6. kenF

    Jiggin Pole ?

    I typically use a 7' meduim action rod with 10 lbs. test. Make sure to use clear line. One year I had some green line laying around and tried it. Big mistake. Once I changed back to clear the fish were bitting. I used to troll a fair amount on Keuka, but with the price of fuel I tried jigging and never went back. I make a few trips a year to the lake from PA and have success, no matter if it spring or the dead of summer. The spring time I stay up near Branchport and in the summer I fish down around the bluff in about 100' FOW. Good Luck!
  7. kenF

    keuka lake

    Try fishing west of Keuka Lake State Park for Brown Trout. I havn't fished there for a few years, but had a lot of luck in the past.
  8. kenF

    Keuka Lake surface temp?

    On Saturday surface temp. around the State Park was 54 F and 59 F around the Bluff
  9. kenF

    Keuka Lake

    Anyone fish Keuka Lake this past weekend?
  10. kenF

    Keuka this past weekend - PICS ADDED

    Where you guys jigging or trolling. I am heading up in two weeks. Hope to do as well as you guys. Nice job!
  11. kenF

    keuka 4/17

    What type of lure were you using?
  12. kenF

    Keuka Lake

    Heading to Keuka Lake this Thursday for a weekend of fishing. Any one have and tips or hot spots?
  13. kenF

    keuka lake 6/23

    I use mainly jigging spoons. 1-2 oz. depending on windy it is. I usually have a lot of luck with the color white or blue and silver.
  14. kenF

    keuka jigging

    where were you fishing?
  15. kenF

    keuka lake 6/23

    I have a lot of luck right off the bottom of the lake. About 100' deep. I usually fish off the bluff.