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  1. Yep you answered what I was wondering. Keuka has been in that type of trouble for a good 5+ years from what I have seen (maybe longer) and you are probably well aware of that. Might try a mix of perch and sawbellies to see if one works better. Appreciate the feedback and knowledge!!
  2. Thanks for the report Lively! My family is heading up from Pa for our annual trip (though we are usually there Memorial Day week). Question for those who may know... Was reading in the other thread on Jigging that someone note on Keuka to "match the hatch", since sawbellies were down on that lake. We don't have much in the the way of fishing setup (rented pontoon boat for the family, that my dad and I take over in the morning for fishing). So while I jig my dad just dead drifts live sawbellies and I keep one on the bottom as well. Would it be better to move to perch minnows, instead of sawbellies for the match the hatch theory? Just curious everyone's opinion. Also what jigs colors and type would you recommend. My go to was always a 1 once round jig with a white lunker city shaker. Thanks!!
  3. Probably good thing I am taking my kayak to fish then. How much do you guys think laker fishing will be affected by the flooding?
  4. Good place to get bait. Stopped there a couple time over the holiday weekend. Good guy, good bait. Sawbellies bought there stayed alive 3 days in my bait tank, ON THE BOAT, without refreshing the water.
  5. Sweet! Thanks for the info from everyone. Looking forward to playing with some new techniques. Got 5 days starting tomorrow for some jigging and trolling. Can't wait.
  6. Cool, never thought of that but it makes sense. I will be doing some experimenting this year to see how to set these up best (after all that is half the fun of fishing). One other question if anyone knows, I don't have the tools to create my own 16-32 oz weights for this, is there any place anyone knows of to purchase these? That's the only part I am missing right now!
  7. Yup I am resurrecting a year old post! I recently inherited some gear from my father in law that will let me give a Seth Green rig a try (without spending any extra cash). I got the main setup taken care of but I still have a couple thing that are not totally clear to me and/or I could use some suggestions/insights on. First and I think I know the answer to this one but I want to be sure, how do you know when you have a fish (or two) on especially if it is a smaller fish (like many Keuka lakers)? My guess is either you don't or it takes a well trained eye to notice the slight difference with such heavy duty gear. Second, I know you hand line the rig lines, but suppose you notice a fish on and it is on the bottom line (and obviously when you are done fishing for the day). What can you use to "store" the rig lines as you are bringing them in? I have a few ideas, but they might not be the best. My thought was to get a pool noodle and cut small sections to wrap each rig on (plus then you can set the hooks in the noodle to keep them safe and out of the way). Thanks for any help.
  8. How many (in other words, will they have any next weekend when I show up)?? Never been to Bubba's but honestly never knew about it. I'll have to stop by and check it out.
  9. Appreciate the info. I have some of the lighter ones, and they worked OK, probably just need more time. But I'll see if I can find a decent stiff rod that fits the bill. Thanks again.
  10. This one may have been covered, I did a search but didn't find anything, so please excuse me if this has already come up. I have starting thinking about my family's annual trip to Keuka, and wanted to give jigging lakers a more serious try this year. We always end up renting a pontoon boat (cause my brother and wife get sea sick if they look at water, but don't on a pontoon), and my dad just likes dead sticking sawbellies and having a beer. I enjoy that but I like to be a little more of an active fisherman, so I have started to try jigging. In the past few years I have caught one or two, just fooling around, but I think my biggest issue is the rods we have. They are lighter weight so that they have a little give if a fish takes a live bait so we can react and give them some line to eat it. This does not seem to be ideal for jigging, especially some of the heavier jigs that I would like to use to get to the bottom better. So what length/action/brand/type of rod would work best? I have reels of all manner and size that should fit almost any rod (well at least close enough for now). Also how heavy do you go with the jigs? I have heard mention of up to 2 1/2 oz, but being a PA trout guy that feels really damn heavy compared to my usual 1/32 oz rooster tails!! I have been using 3/4 and 1 oz jigs the past couple years, but again I think mainly because they felt better on the light rods. Thanks for any and all input. Love this site even though I am usually just a lurker!!
  11. Nice site, looks great. That is from someone who used to create websites as a job (and still does that at times). It is simple and clean, which often is WAY better than all the fancy stuff you can do these days.
  12. Sweet, sorry didn't see the search function before! Thanks for the help. Just found this board a few weeks ago. Usually make it up to the lakes a few times a year and fish every chance I get!
  13. Anyone here trap/catch sawbellies instead of tyring to find them at the bait shops? I know it can be difficlut to find em some times. I have a bait trap and some sabiki rigs I use for other bait here in PA, but was not sure if it was reasonable to even attempt on Keuka or Senaca. Always have to drive all over the place for them every year so I was looking for an alternative. Thanks and good luck to everyone in the derby this weekend (I don't particicpate but will still be out fishin).
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