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  1. guess we will just have to do another trip and enter the derby this time
  2. Im not sure on the name of them, but I run those as well and they have them up at B&E
  3. OK thanks. I grabbed a mark 5x with Down scanning that runs 4ooo peak to peak. should have it on the boat next week. thanks for the help
  4. Im looking to put a new sonar unit on my boat. Any recomendations for Minimun peak to peak and other features I need to have. I mainly fish Ontario and then I spend some time on the finger lakes fishing.
  5. ok thank you guys very much. sounds like the fishhawk x-4 is the way to go. Good luck this weekend if your out on the lake. I'll be fishing from I-Bay east (Black and Gold princecraft). Thanks
  6. Im looking to upgrade my electronics as I do not currently have speed and temp at the ball. I have had my 18' Princcraft for about 5 years and have slowly built it up and this is the next thing on my punch list. Any thoughts or opinions of direction to go in this department? Thanks
  7. Hows the fishing report look for Ibay east to bear creek?
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