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  1. I thought I was set on a starcraft fishmaster to salmon fish but I was looking at the superfisherman as well. As rough as it has been the last couple of trips I have been thinking about a fiberglass boat for the weight, but I don't know if any company makes a fiberglass boat that is like the deep deep v design that is in line with the starcraft. Question 1 is fiber glass or aluminum? 2. Is a small open back style like the superfisherman around in a glass model? Post some pics of your boat you use. I'm trying to get a boat with allot of fishable room in the back so that when you double up I'm not in an mma brawl with the other guy. I also should say I would like to stick with an outboard motor design. Thanks Mike
  2. I think it would I'm think I'm going to get a superfisherman I like the open back. Has anyone had a wave come over the back?
  3. Ya I 'm going to look for one with a least a 115 In think a 125 to 150 would be the best. I will say as a bass fisherman I have my boat proped right. 5500rpm 43 mph 17' 2 guys. I think proping would be important on any new boat. has anyone reproped?
  4. I'm hooked! Started last year fishing for kings. Wow do they fight. I'm fishing from a Monark pro1700. It is a good boat but I think I am ready for a bigger one. I would like to get some advice. I like the fishmaster 196 and I have seen some used ones but most have 115hp motors. Are these motors big enough? I would think 150hp would be in order for a 20' boat. I'm running 225ho on my 21' bass boat. Anyone runing a 150 on this boat? If you have a 115hp how dose your boat run? I also was looking at the 2100, don't know if this would be to big? Aslo where is the best place to find a good used one of these boats?
  5. Looks like a rocky to me. I should know I caught 300+ in 5 day from Sodus to port to little Sodus. Threw most of them back keep a little to eat. They are very good to eat. I was catching big one too, bigger than ever. I'm sorry to say that the smallies were non-existent. We did hammer the large mouth big ones 5 ponders! Were are all of the smallies? Some guy that were fishing beside us said that they have a disease and are dieing. Anyone fish for rockys on the big lake? Great times now I'm ready for salmon.
  6. I fish for rockies in the spring. I have fished little and sodus bay, Port bay and blind bay when it is open. Is there any other hot spots for rockies? can you catch them on the big lake? We have had a few slow years with the smallies. We have had a big couple of year with the large mouth. Last year I cought 10 5+ pounders in 3 hrs noe morning in the spring. WOW
  7. anyone selling an x4? Looking for good used one.
  8. I'm selling my x-15mt with gps puck, transducer, and power cables. It is in good condition $350.00
  9. The Polar Bear strikes again!!!!!!! Anyone who knows the polar bear know he can flat out fish!!!!!! He told me exactly what I needed to get rolling. I have been fishing the lake by Big Sodas/ little sodas/ Port Bay for 15 years for bass, WOW was I missing out. I don't know what I was thinking. I will still spend a week bass fishing but after that I'm going for the BIG FISH. Thank for the great memories, I will never forget the trip it was the one of my all time best fishing trips ever. Let do it again this weekend. Thanks Mike
  10. I have a goog used Lowrance x15mt with GPS. This thing works perfect. I was keeping it for a backup if my other one went bad, but after 5 years I don't think it will happen. Comes with mounting bracket, 2 transducers 1 trolling motor and 1 regular one that was repaired becouse I hit something with it, power cable, 10' extention cable,and manual. I would like to get $350 for it. I coud use the money for a new fishhawk temp sensor. Thanks For looking, I will be on Ontario this coming weekend if someone wanted to pickit up.
  11. Looking for rocky hot spots. Will be in NY in a few weeks where can I find lots of rocky. I have fished point bay but never fished big Sodus are there any there? Blind bay is good but hardly ever open when i'm there. also where are you guys finding perch? how do you fish for them? Thanks Mike
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