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  1. I heard that a few year ago and thought that’s odd why would fish a tournament for Rockies?
  2. Sound like a great plan. I really like perch better than Rockies anyway. Thanks for sharing your information.
  3. I fish for Rockies to eat them. We always threw back small ones and only kept the really big ones. There has been a definite decline in the Rocky population. I do know that a lot of the charter boat captains will go in and fish them out in the early spring and take them to processors to pay for their docs. To be honest, I really like perch, but we never caught very many and the ones we caught were small. this year we thought about Running down to Cayuga Lake and trying to catch some perch. I’m told their population is pretty healthy and they have some big ones. we have a really nice place. We stay at on Little Sodus Bay so I hate to give it up, but if there’s no fish to catch going to have to make a move.
  4. Interesting do they get very big?
  5. I was told by some locals that it has to be the right water temperature for the Rockies to run it. I have been fishing for them since 1993 over Memorial Day. I have been in a boat fishing for them and it has been 95 degrees. by far the last two years have been the worst. This year we only caught 15 keepers. We did manage to catch 75 small and large mouth.
  6. Fishing in little sodus bay and its small mouth as far as you can see. So many small mouth we can’t find any Rocky’s. Don’t know what to do. We thought about going on the big lake and trying to catch perch. Anyone know where to catch perch on the big lake? We were hoping to catch a bunch of Rocky’s but I think that dream is over.
  7. Nice I'm heading there on tomorrow. I hope the water stays. I only get out once or twice a year anymore so it's good to know there are fish in the area.
  8. I had a guy couple of years ago come up behind me I keep turning to the left and he drove straight for me. We had some words and when I looked it was a charter boat. Some of those guys think they own the water.
  9. I Think mine is 20" I bought a new boat and it had a kicker on it so I will be selling mine. It's a 2012 mercury prokicker 9.9 mint condition with a tiller handle. something you might be interested in?
  10. Do you know if you buy one chip, and you have your units linked together dose it display on both?
  11. I have been looking for a year. The only thing I found was OEM. All the ones the Starcraft dealer found were just a little off from hitting the stringers. If you find something besides the 1000.00 Starcraft one I would like to know. Thanks
  12. Nice work! What bay is that?
  13. Fished out of fair haven this past Thursday got 5 straight out of the shoot 600’ of water. My dad was not feeling good so we didn’t fish Friday. Tried on Saturday morning but there were 5 footers went out about 300 yards and turned around. Today looks really good but I had to get home. Carbon 14 was good black green ladder back took a fish. Meat rig white paddle. Tried the green bam but no luck with that. All was deep 275 on wire and 90-120 on the riggers. There were more fish but I didn’t want to keep bringing them up in the warm water. We were done by 11 am.
  14. What’s the deal with the lamprey? Where did they come from?
  15. Anyone fish today? Heading out in the morning thinking of starting about 200 foot and head out. If the rain isn’t to bad.
  16. Nice report heading up next week..... What colors were the best?
  17. LOL When I first saw a carbon 14 I said that will never catch fish now I have 6 on the boat
  18. I'm heading up next month with the fam and hoping to get out every day. Amazing no one ever reports from Fair Haven. Thanks for your response.
  19. Any reports on salmon fishing around Fair Haven?
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