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  1. Didn't feel like getting the boat out of the lift Saturday (lazy and kinda rainy) so I decided to regress to my childhood days and throw a worm off the dock on a bobber for fun. Caught some nice LLs (3 lbs or so) during the rain! It was really fun as they fought a lot on a light rig. Did the same thing sunday morning. Also caught perch and a HUGE sunfish.. All in about 8-10 ft. of water... go figure........
  2. The debris wasn't bad - an occasional stick here and there. Just missed a railroad tie though! I tried the west side first, and didn't mark anything. Crossed over to the east side and the water color changed to more of a green and it was cloudy. Probably the dirty water starting to become diluted.
  3. Fished today between Lodi and Scout camp. Didn't stay out real long, only a couple of hours. Found lakers from 80' to about 120' Also marked some deeper.. They were there for a while, and them I think they moved out. 5 for 5, nothing huge, 2 to 5lbs, but still lots of fun. I had the whole lake to myself! SD and flies seemed to be the ticket, and even got one on a spoon. Hoping for a good day tomorrow!
  4. Where are some good areas to winter fish for lakers and LLs? I did well with LLs in March in the south end. My place is north near Starkey though. Any good areas there?
  5. Very interesting.... I spent a few days fishing Seneca - Wed-Sat. Seems like all I could catch was small lakers - some not even legal, and it dropped off later in the week. I did manage a 7lb LT yesterday though. Lakers came in 70-80 FOW. Sawbellies are in close to shore at night, and small lakers are around the docks at dusk as well.. Seems a little early for that.. Maked very little bait the whole time.... Things are changing!
  6. Yeah, thanks Nick! It was a great time! and real nice to get some quality fish...
  7. Thanks Jason.. Thats about where I was looking, must just not be in the right spot. I'm going to have more time next weekend to hunt aroumd..
  8. OK - How deep are they running?? Went looking a little yesterday and couldn't seem to find them..... Thanks
  9. wow!! too bad its not derby time!!
  10. Water is up to normal summer levels at the moment.
  11. Do you drain the carbs in the fall? I have had problems with varnish in the carbs plugging the jets if gas sits in it too long. Also, if you have a small gas leak under the hood, you may have a small hole in the fuel line.... which means it will suck air when you are not pumping fuel by hand... actually, that sounds more like it cause it runs for 5 minutes.. probably just about a carb bowl full befre it quits.
  12. FishinEd

    Seneca Perch???

    Went perching tuesday - marked some good schools, but only 1 fish! had minnows, oak leaf grubs, and spikes.. ??????????
  13. I kept REALLY close to shore, believe me!! You are correct, one would not last long in the water this time of year. Seneca is a great lake, but it can turn horrible in a very short period of time. I will have my big boat back over there this month Thanks for the concern, guys. Maybe the story will help someone make a good choice sometime. I probably should not have gone out..
  14. Went fishing on Seneca yesterday. Had a great day till the wind came up.. Lots of small LLs 17"-19". the action was pretty consistent for a couple of hours. Then....... headed back home north in the bad waves in my little 14" aluminum boat. Hit a wave hard enough to create a 5" stress fracture in the bottom of the boat. So I had to drive and bale at the same time till I got back (about 5 more miles!) Kinda scary....
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