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  1. Great Shot - Fishing has been great so far this year, but seems as though it has slowed down a bit of late. Keep us posted!! Thanks,
  2. 2 kings, 50 down over 200 green and orange spoons
  3. We've been out of Sandy since about 5:30 very quiet out here did real well on Saturday 13 for 14 but nothing so far screen is pretty blank. Started out at a hundred feet went out to about 180. Starting to come back in again to see if we can find them.
  4. Anyone know if the docks are in at Sandy Yet? Thank you
  5. Thanks - any luck out there today? you stay in the bay or venture onto the lake?
  6. Its Thursday 4/13 any docks in at Sandy yet? How about at Irondequoit? Looking to get out tomorrow but would like docks. Thanks for info.
  7. Thanks for the information, any sweet spots or holes that might hold fish? Thanks again.
  8. Powder Mill Park Derby - Advice?? HI All: I am getting some Dad's and boys (10-12) together this Saturday to fish in the Powder Mill Park Fishing Derby. I have not fished in this derby since I was about 10 with my Dad. From my limited memory I remember fishing with Velvetta cheese. Has anyone fished this area or this derby and can give advice for the best thing to fish with so our boys catch fish? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Does anyone have any updated information regarding the docks ? Thank you.
  10. Looking to take my daughter out perch fishing - looking on advice on where around Rochester we can see a lot of action to keep the interest while we are out. Any location - rig setup welcome. Thanks in advance!!
  11. ktkrause


    Where was this Niagara River, Genesee River? I tried to tell from your user profile but could not.
  12. So any update on the Smelt Run - Has it started - ? How long does it last? It has probably been 20 years since I went smelting last back in high school, would love to take my kids to do it ...
  13. Love the forums first post/question from me. The last couple of years, I have taken my 12 year old daughter and 14 year old nephew out to small mouth fish and basically caught a sun tan. Looking for advice on fishing for smallies on lake ontario around Sandy creek. Any advice on technique and location would be much appreciate. If I take them out again and we catch nothing fearful it will be their last time. All we seem to catch were gobies. Thanks in advance !!
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