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  1. Some of the birds we took this season. The youth hunt. My buddy and I on a Pa double. Ny birds. The best one of this season for me anyhow. Was not a bad season ,but a tough one for some reason!
  2. Nothing big but we got quite a few. pics of my buddy John. Arm in cast he still out fished me One of my 3 came from shore.
  3. Scott Location: (Addison,N.Y Home Port: (your home port) Boat: (your boat name/type) I fish for: All game fish ================== I enjoy fishing for all game fish species in our state. Glad to be here! I may know some of you from L.Ontario.
  4. Knowing your speed at the probe will definitely increase your catch. With the currents you run into down there your surface speeds can be quite a bit different from below. Your speed and the direction your trolling in can make all the difference. And the lures your using should be used at the right speeds.
  5. Hey you better catch some fish out of that boat! I'll be checkin from time to time. Have a great weekend! Look familiar??
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