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  1. I'v used plastic dip made for plier handles you can get at HomeDepot in the paint department seems to work well just dip the rod holders in the can 4 or 5 times and let it set up a little between coats. Jgrenier
  2. No i did not think you were Kidding. I just dont know any one out there so finding someone with a boat and another sub-troll unit might be difficult for me. I am open to all suggestions and appreciate all of them. Jgrenier.
  3. Thanks for the info guys i will try a few of these ideas to see if they work the next time i am at the lake. If the first couple of ideas dont work i will try to find a friend that has an accurate sub troll .
  4. If you connect the cable to the ring on the probe how do you remove the probe for travel? I don't think i would want to travel from New Hampshire to New York with that bouncing around on the back of the boat ? Do they sell a insulated snap or disconnect thanks
  5. Im sorry the release is a cuople of inches above the probe not the ball
  6. I am using a 12# ball and the blacks release is a couple of inches above the ball
  7. Put a new Moor Sub Troll on the boat and the speed does not seem to be right. Nomatter what direction im trolling or what speed my GPS is at the unit will not read more than 1.75 mph any help would be great thanks. jgrenier
  8. What days and times would i need to be available
  9. looking to to go with somone to learn more about fishing for salmon. i'v read about learning charters and i'm trying to find one any help would be great Thanks
  10. What is a cheater line i am trying to learn the terms used on this site thanks
  11. what are the dates and are there any special credentials that you need to do this thanks John
  12. Any thoughts on the shark downrigger balls?
  13. I bough a camp in Oswego to keep the cost of going out there down so now i pay property taxes and still have to buy a nonresident licences think i'm getting ripped off but we don't get that kind of fishing in New Hampshire so i think it is still werth the trip
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