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  1. sorry for your lose my prayers for you and famly
  2. well bumped the down speed up 2.8 -3.2 down temps 42-54 got 2 kings on 10 and 12 . pounders. 5 releases day 1 day 2 the sub troll stop working but still did 7 releases with 2 boated 18lbs and 12lbs but no squnks this time thank all
  3. i always buy local. allseason, and they are very helpful
  4. thanks Bill we where marking some fish and bait. and getting good down temps going out on aug. 22 will try bumping up down speeds. will let evereyone know if it helps
  5. man your done !!! it's garden and bingo!! i can see it now . in the front yard a nice fishing boat with flowers growing in it and around it. and ray and wifie sending time together
  6. hav'nt made it out there yet to try trolling speeds yet. should be out some time next 3 weeks
  7. i have the etrex legend for backup love it
  8. happy b-bay ray hope u have a great day
  9. Name: Everett Location:claremont,n.h. Home Port:mexico Boat Name/Type: it's about time I fish for:whatever's biting ================== hey everyone here to make friends and to learn what i can. this is a great site. I've already leaned a lot from you all thanks LOU. Everett
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