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  1. Anyone got a picture of this? I'm too far away to take a r=drive to see it. Thanks. Just curious what it looks like now. i won't be there until September.
  2. Been reading a few reports from the east and it seems they have had a good evening bite.
  3. Nick, Go with the fishhawk X4d next year. It would be a great X-Mas present from Mrs Ruff Rider. Great units. Had my first for over 20 years. Upgraded to the X4 and love it. Probe batteries last a long time in the new probes. Don
  4. Get after them. We will be over early September and as they seem to be coming now we may be just in time. Hope it picks for you and hope to run in to you when we are there. Maybe see you at Dahl's again. Don
  5. Nick, Thanks for the camera info. Just ordered a Gopro. Looking forward to some interesting shots. Good luck on the water and keep the reports coming. Don
  6. Nick, I am not an expert on LO by any means. Oh I really enjoy your live action posts. what do you use for a camera for video? As for the clear water, I fish Lake Champlain for Land locked salmon and we have noticed with the clearer water we have done better with a lot less flash. We have begun to take a stealth approach. Less trash in the water and longer leads. Lite-bite slide divers work well as does a single spoon 50-150 behind the ball. some guys still run flash and catch fish but the big fish seem to be really shy. Leaders are flourcarbon and kept as light as the individual angler feels comfortable. You brought up as interesting thought. We do not have fleas yet.
  7. Be good to her. She is the best fishing partner you will ever have. Good luck out there today.
  8. "Our hottest rig by far the past couple of weekends was a white board green dot spinny with a pohanche passion fly." Can I ask who makes this fly? Also I really enjoy reading your real time reports. Good luck to you out there. Don
  9. Great post. Keep at um. What app do you use to post and upload pics? Thanks Don
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