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  1. these are the best releases I have ever used
  2. Without having downriggers, pick-up a couple of dipsy divers, snubbers and "blue dolphin" Northern king spoons. Spool your reel with 30lb fireline(not too bad for fleas). I'm new to trolling lake O this year and this has been my most productive lure. Stop buy shortwave marine in port credit. They gave me some pretty good advise on lures and flasher/fly combos .
  3. Saturday 1 for 2 in port credit Down 45 in 110FOW,21lb chinook on NK blue dolphin mag. Sunday 3 for 4 port credit 630 am double header 16 and 4 lbs, 40 and 45 ft down in 65FOW on Blue dolphin and Williams gold/silver. 1130am another 22 lb chinook down 65 in 135FOW. Lost a good one on green flasher and green, chartruese, silver a-tom-mik fly behind a 107 Deeper diver on setting 3 back 125ft in 140 FOW. Speeds between 2.4- 2.7 mph at the ball.
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