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  1. Austin is a member of HRSTA Halton Region Salmon & Trout Association. After the the Islander shootout this Saturday in Port Credit he will get the keys to this....
  2. Hi fellas, my buddy has 2 riggers and runs a dipsy diver on the rocket launcher down the middle. He hasnt had much luck lately. Can you offer suggestions of what SD/fly and spoon configuration you would run with 3 rods please? Thx
  3. Hello fellas, I have an opportuntity to buy 4000ft of 20 gauge 35lbs stainless steel 1 strand/solid. What are the pros and cons versus 7 strand stainless steel? Thx
  4. sorry fellas still fairly new. how do i delete my post after my question has been answered? thx
  5. Hello fellas I'm looking for a printable copy of lake Ontario. Specifically the West end of the lake since i fish out of Port credit and Bronte. Thx
  6. just picked this rod up for wire dipsy fishing. 8ft med-med/fast action just wondering its too light for 30lbs steel wire the rating is only 10-20lbs. do i need a heavier rod?
  7. thanks for the input fellas!
  8. looking for 1 either 8.5 or 9.5 med-hev action
  9. Hello all, Atomik has 6 flasher combos and a tackle box for $109 US. i would like to know what the top 6 producers are even you decide on all SD's. I'm thinking maybe 4 spin doctors and 2 pro trolls with the e-chip. Let me know which colours you would pick. There are 2 pages of spindoctors. Thx http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/tourney.htm
  10. hello, are all the spoons still available? i dont see 100 in the photos. whats the shipping to burlington ontario L7L-6W7? angelo [email protected]
  11. hello, can you send me a photo of everything that is left. angelo [email protected]
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