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    Really ! what website am I on ? Hunting and anything outdoors too !

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  1. Hey splitshot I was talking to Nick yesterday and he said you were the one to contact about the captain's class. I want to sign up ! Can you hook me up ? Kirk
  2. I want to go see it. Looks like you keep it at Village marina, right ?
  3. Hi John I'm Kirk my boat's on Seneca out of Billy bob's a pro-line 210. These guys have such good information, I'm sure it's going to help. I just wanted to say that when I first started fishing the finger lakes in 1999 my girlfriend at the time bought me a half day charter for a couple hundred bucks. I learned more about fishing the finger lakes that day than any one time since. I'm not a Charter captain promoting my trade at all believe me, but think about the gas money you will save by not fishing unproductive areas and money saved not buying useless bait. We all know what our sport can cost, a couple hundred is a drop in the pucket. Think about it, I fish a lot of the same spots I was shown 11 years ago. Peace and good luck. Kirk
  4. Anybody wanna go fishing Monday Morning call Kirk at 331-1699. Don't need to bring anything unless you have a lucky spoon. Meet you behind Arbys in watkins at 9:00 AM.
  5. Hi Justin Yeah I use snubbers on the dipsys not the downriggers though
  6. What's the tounament tie, and where cani get them ?
  7. I was on on South Seneca this morning. Started up around Peach orchard with the same flasher an Fly combination that worked saturday. Didn't get on the lake until around 10, lake was like glass and we didn't get a hit. About 2 the wind came up and the baits started getting hit. Terrible day went 1-7 yikes ! Had some very inexperienced mates with me today, the type that you have to hook the fish, hand them the pole then they take the pressure off the fish trying to make the exchange. They enjoyed it but it's nice to get them in the boat. Also, I like to tie my own flys and started useing these Red Trebles size 2/1 which seem small compared to the dark brown ones I used last year. I think that's why we missed some hook-ups also. Might have to change them out
  8. Jamison's is coming to the house Tuesday to get my kicker working properly. You know who, never touched it last year after the 2 months I asked them to look at it plus, we wrote it on the winterizing bill last year to look at it and when I started it last week it was still doing the same thing. I want to talk to your place about getting in there next year.
  9. Nick What happened to your outriggers ?
  10. Hey Jason How much water were you in and how deep were you fishing ? Should have the boat in the water next week. Thanks Kirk
  11. You and I will be in my boat next week end Nick, count on it
  12. Looking for anywhere on lake Ontario to go smelt dipping...any help ? Thanks =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  13. I have a pro-line walkaround 210 fishing boat with a canvas top. I'm looking for an attachment of rocket launchers for the top or any way to attach stand alone rocket launchers to the exsisting frame.
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