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  1. Today we trolled from 45 ft in front of Buffalo on the fence all the way to Sturgeon Point to 60 ft of water.Never marked much and did not even catch a silver bass or any other fish.Water surface was 74.6 degrees.Wednesday we fished the first 90 ft straight out in front of Dunkirk and marked many eyes there and caught three to 9 lbs in a couple hours . Tomorrow going to Barcelona and heading down past the 2nd red house to see if I can get a program together.Todays East wind was tough!
  2. The Arapaima was weighed by block & tackle tied to tree hanging over the water,with IGFA Scale,then calf weighing harness.The Arapaima was hoisted up for weight then the calf weighing sling was weighed by itself and subtracted from the weight.The IGFA then also took an additional 5 lbs off the total weight when it was certified.
  3. mostlymuskies

    Sold / Closed 1988 Sea Ray Amberjack

    Troll,Reel guys son got a steal of a deal from you,I was onboard the boat today!
  4. MadPerry,catching a 415 lb fish on 80 lb test line in 4 ft of water full of tons of snags is a feat of its own,with a fly rod it was near to impossible,but Richard prevailed!
  5. The trouble with DB-08 Bagley's is usually they end up being a one time use muskie bait.They break very easy if a muskie twists them in the net,usually tail section breaks off.The old ones with the thinner lip have better fish catching action then the newer two step thickness lip on today's.
  6. It is now official client Richard Hart has caught the New IGFA World Record Arapaima at 415 lbs! Also the Worlds Largest Freshwater Fish caught on a Fly Rod! www.guyanafishing.com
  7. The boat traffic has been so heavy with the hot weather that there are more floating weeds then I have seen in sometime.We tried trolling from 8:30 pm to 1:00 am and spent most of the night reeling in to clean off weeds,no hits,Zippo!
  8. After spending time on Lake Erie walleyes,back out on the Niagara River tonight for muskies.Then tomarrow morning off to the St.Lawerence River for three days of muskies at night there.I will give a report tonight while on the waters of the west river of the Niagara.
  9. Well with any luck maybe the weekend boat traffic weeds will have floated through and the middle of the week will have less floating weeds.We will launch at Andress Boat Works in Rockport and stay at a cottage on Tarr Island.Years ago I use to catch walleye in the Narrows,I hope that is still a good choice of areas.
  10. Floating moss or weeds?I'm headed to Tarr Island and Narrows for 3 days middle of next week for walleye & muskies.
  11. Today we got on the water at noon,with in 15 minutes we had a 45"er in the net.She had 4 hook points in her mouth,after a lot of cutting we decided only to take a measurement and picture in the water.At 4:05 pm we caught another 31"er.We quit at 5 pm to go to a meeting in Dunkirk.Water temp was 76 degrees,with algae green tint to the water.
  12. Deleted,having trouble with android posting again!
  13. Water temp is 78 degrees down south and 77 degrees up north.
  14. Algae green peas now in North basin.Fish have started suspending out in 33 to 35 ft depths.
  15. Back to Chautauqua Lake tomarrow,going north,will report at the end of the day.
  16. Moss was keeping me busy cleaning all night,but did manage a 35" & 31 1/2" muskies and quit early at midnight.
  17. Back out tonight for some NW winds against the current wave action,hoping that gets the muskies on the feed!Will report when I quit somewhere after midnight.
  18. Ivan,From the results of the Three Rivers Tourney you can see things have slowed down a little at Chautauqua Lake.Lake is tinted brown from the 6" of rain that fell last week.Floating weeds are a bigger problem down south,not bad up north.But the bigger pods of bait fish seem to be scattered around the lake now.I have heard much better reports from the in shallow casters.I only managed one 32"er out of 6 hours yesterday and most fishermen I talked to had washed lures all day.By next weekend it should stablize again and hopefully pick back up.
  19. Definately a Tiger! Very Nice One Too! Ivan,Thanks for sharing the pictures,looks like your boat is having another banner year!
  20. The two dead floating muskies were both past the Bell Tower in the 25 to 27 ft water about 100 ft apart from each other.Both looked like they were from Monday because they were not bloated yet.
  21. Water was very brown,not algae color as much as muddy water color!76 degrees up north and 79 degrees down south.
  22. Very slow day for every boat that I recieved a report from,zippo!My clients gave up at 1:30 pm because of lack of action and hot sun.I decided to make a run to Long Point for a cheese burger and troll back to Prendergast Launch.Rounding the deep hole off Long Point in 28ft of water the Perchbait rod took a hard hit.I thaught it was going to be something big but turned out to be a 32"er.Saw 2 muskies floating dead near Bell Tower,mid to low 30" fish,someone needs to get better at handling & release!
  23. Early rise at 3:30 am to head down to Chautauqua Lake.It has been a little slow for most guys I talked to the last couple days.Not sure how the Three Rivers Tourney went.
  24. This morning at 2:20 am managed a 39" Muskie near Boyers Creek.Everything was still tight to the bottom!
  25. We all should thank Scott Callen for taking the lead to get a cross section of fishermen from all clubs & organizations to come up with a better plan for all at Safe Harbor Marina & Launch!
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