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  1. The way to get the size limit raised to 40" for Tiger Muskies at Otisco is to write Legislation through the County Federation's of Sportsmen's Club's ,send it up through the NY Concervation Council.Then The NY State Conservation Council would vote on sending Legislation for the change directly to NY State Assembly as a Bill.When it is coming from that direction back to the NY State DEC and it is not to racial of a change the NY State DEC will send it back to the NY State Assembly for a floor vote.The out come could be a permanent size limit change or a 3 year trial before putting into permanent regulations.I will start the proccess with a vote from CCFSC & ECFSC to write the Legislation,but we will also need to get the County Federation that Otisco Lake is part of onboard as well.
  2. Water up north had a brown tint and started out the morning with surface temp of 69 degrees,but got up to 72 degrees by high noon.Baronetric pressure was high at 30:35 and steady with bluebird sky.Fishing was very slow we lost a big one early,then went 7 hours before we caught a 33 1/2 "er on a wind swing.One other short rip in a total of 13 hours on the water.We marked most big hooks out over 33 to 35 ft of water down 15 to 20 ft.Water visibility about 2 to 3 ft.
  3. As soon as you hookup with your first king,you will forget any waves are there.More fish are caught on a little bumpy water,then when it is flat like glass.
  4. Today's cold front made the fishing tough at Chautauqua Lake.But with the surface water temp dropping from 77 degrees to 72 up North and from 78 degrees to 69 degrees down south,in a couple days when the weather stabilizes the fish action should be very good.Back down on Tuesday.
  5. I'm going to hate missing Dr. Ferrell,but I have a charter on Chautauqua Lake until dark on the 21st.
  6. I still have some days available for Chautauqua Lake in September and for October & November for the Upper Niagara River.Private email me for available dates!
  7. Last time out we caught 31 silver bass to 9 walleye,could not keep the silvers off long enough to catch walleye.The walleyes we caught were by fluttering spoons from riggers set near bottom in 85 ft,but if you waited 10 minutes from the time you put the riggers down chances were you were getting silver bass on the spoons as well.
  8. A few days ago I was on Chautauqua Lake trolling and got overtaken by solid fog,could not even see the front of the boat.I used my Raymarine S1000 Autopilot set to run to my Waypoint for Prendergast Launch.At 10 mph the Autopilot took me back to the launch,only 20 ft off the boueys.
  9. Labor Day we trolled the north basin for 12 hours with not one hit,then from 7 pm to 8:30 pm we finally got some action,30",37" & 42 1/2",the biggest coming after dark.
  10. Every crankbait has a speed they produce the most at.Wiley 5 1/2" Jtd work best for me at 3.7 mph,Hi-Fin Trophy Divers Jtd at 3.8 mph,Baker's at 4.0 mph,Tuff Shad at 4.5 mph and Warner Baits at 5.0 mph!
  11. Jigstick,I will be on the north basin tomorrow sun up to sundown!
  12. Wednesday was a very slow day for us on the north basin.One 30" muskie at 10 am one lost half way to the boat and two other short rips from 9 am till 8:30 pm.We marked many big hooks out over 30 to 35 ft of water and lots of bait fish,just not much activity!Barometric pressure was 30:14 and falling,surface water temp was 73.4 degrees.Water had a greenish brown tint.There were floating weeds,but manageable!After talking with hatchery personal I found out the temperature of the water being drawn from the bottom of the lake and it was 76 degrees,while the surface was 73.4 on a very hot humid day.This makes me think the Lake has turned over in places,no thermacline either that is usually 25 ft down.
  13. Thanks for the update jigstick,I will be down tomorrow morning.Good Luck today!
  14. Congrats on your 1st Lake Erie Walleye! May you catch many more!
  15. Now that water temps are headed back down closer to 70 degrees it is time to return back to Chautauqua Lake for Muskie action.I will be down there for a few days the 1st two weeks of September and will report each day how we do!
  16. I'm still fishing Lake Erie for walleye,but reports coming my way have some mid 40" muskies still being caught at night,in west river!
  17. We got 9 walleye today just west of Dunkirk in 85 to 90 ft of water.We caught eyes on 10 color leadcore,dipsey out 180 ft on #2 setting and riggers down 70 ft.At 1.9 mph with small chatter sticks in perch color.We also caught 4 Lakers,1 Steelhead and 21 Silver Bass.North & South was best direction for current pull & action.
  18. Oldman,Those muskie fingerlings have been coming from the Prendergast NYSDEC Hatchery at Chautauqua, they are the excess after the ponds are filled with muskie fingerlings to feed on fathead minnows for extra growth for stocking NY Inland waters.I believe they go from the inside tanks from being fed pellets directly by truck to be stocked,so they have not even learned how to feed on minnows,not good for chances of survival.
  19. Seamaster,yes straight out to 90 ft and fish down 65 ft with purple & pink Renosky's and black & pink 3D thumper blade Harnesses at 2.1 mph.
  20. Released for another day,Nice! If more fishermen would put back the bigger female walleye we would have some really good fishing for many years!Thanks for being Conservation Minded!
  21. Chautauqua Lake Muskie fishing was on fire last weekend,many muskies were caught & released by many boats.North basin had the best action,with a friend catching 8 muskies on Sunday.
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