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  1. If you have a car top boat that can be hand launched Lime Lake has 45"+ Tiger Muskies! They have been growing over the years because on next to no fishing pressure due to lack of regular boat access.The locals don't fish for them that much. Capt. Larry D. Jones Repeatability Is 90% Of The Hunt!
  2. Zach,Your not going to be Musky Lexie's Netman in the Tourney,You can still get her in the Tourney! Capt. Larry
  3. Today I mailed each paid Tourney Entrant a Tournament cover letter,Release Forms and Dinner Ticket."Do Not Loose Your Dinner Ticket,You Must Have Ticket To Get The Chicken Dinner!"This is the only way to keep persons not in the Tourney from walking up and snatching a free dinner.I will have additional Release Forms at the Seminar and at Prendergast Launch from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m..If we still have any Open Tourney Spots left at the Sept. 18th Seminar ,you can sign up then or at Prendergast Launch till 9:00 a.m. Sept. 19th.But if you want the Chicken Dinner I need to know by this Thursday Sept 10th,if not you will still have to pay $25 with $5 going to the Bait Fish Fund. Capt. Larry D. Jones Repeatability Is 90% Of The Hunt!
  4. As of 2:30 p.m. today,Sept. 7th,2009 we have 60 Tournament Entrants,only 15 spots left.If you plan on fishing the Chautauqua Cash Musky Tournament you better email me soon and send in the $25 Entry Fee for each fishermen,I think at this rate those who wait till the 18th or 19th to signup will be to late the Field will be Full at 75 by then! Capt. Larry D. Jones www.mostlymuskies.com
  5. I caught all the muskies on Wiley Deep Diver Jtd 5 1/2" in Michigan Perch & Firetiger trolled at 5.5 mph using 60 lb test Leadcore with 4 colors(120 ft.)to get 18 ft. depths in 25 to 27 feet of water. Capt. Larry
  6. The trip was great as far as fishing went,in between big motor high pressure fuel pump problems I caught and relerased 14 muskies to 46 inches. The Algee is breaking up and sinking in the North Basin,could troll for over 45 minutes without cleaning lines as well! Capt. Larry
  7. There were a lot of fish caught & released Sunday.I had 5 muskies the biggest was 46",from near the Mayville Flats in 25 to 27 feet of water trolling Wiley Deep Diver Jtd 5 1/2" in Michigan Perch & Firetiger color.I used 4 colors(120 ft) of 60 lb test leadcore line to reach 18 ft down at 5.5 mph.I saw another boat white Starcraft with Wiley Lures decal catch a nice muskie in the same area.The radio reports had a couple more people catching and releasing 5 muskies or more from between the White Wall & SmithBoys in 11 ft. of water in the South Basin as well.Heard of 50",49 1/2"49"48",46"46" and another 29 muskies being caught from Thursday thru Sunday by a hand full of boats. I'll be back down by the middle of the week for some more action! Capt. Larry D. Jones Repeatability Is 90% Of The Hunt!
  8. There were 50 fishermen signed up for the Sept 19th Tourney at this point,all 50 are in for the St.Croix Rod Drawing.We will Draw for the Rod at the Friday Sept. 18th Seminar with Guide Mike Sperry at Happy Hooker Bait Shop,7:00 p.m.,only those who sent in their money by August 31st will have their names in the hat.Now,I have to know the exact number of Chicken Dinners we need to order by Sept. 10th,so anyone that does not have their Entry Fee of $25 in by Sept.10th (Will Not Get Dinner & Their $5 Will Go To The Baitfish Fund). Capt. Larry D. Jones Repeatability Is 90% Of The Hunt!
  9. As of August 30th we have 40 fishermen Entered in the Chautauqua Musky Cash Tourney.There will be a few more in todays and tomarrows snail mail that were post marked on the 31st of August.I'm leaving this morning for my trailer down near Chautauqua Lake for four days of guding.When I return on Saturday I will get the final count of those who sent in there Entry Fee by August 31st for Early Entry St.Croix 8' Hvy Premier Rod Drawing.We will draw one lucky winner and give the St.Croix Rod to that winner at Guide Mike Sperry's Seminar on Sept. 18th,7:00p.m. at Happy Hooker Bait Shop.If you get your Entry post marked today at the post office you still can get in on the St. Croix Rod Drawing for Early Entry! Capt. Larry D. Jones Repeatability Is 90% Of The Hunt! www.mostlymuskies.com
  10. Remember August 31st is the Deadline to get your Chautauqua Cash Tournament Entry Fee of $25 sent in if you want to take part in the Drawing for the St. Croix 8'Hvy Premier Rod.Any mail post marked for August 31st will be included.Late sign up ,if there are remaining spots,will be at Guide Mike Sperry's Seminar 7:00 p.m. Sept. 18th at Happy Hooker Bait Shop or Sept 19th from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Prendergast Hatchery Boat Launch. Capt. Larry D. Jones www.mostlymuskies.com
  11. As of August 26th there are 36 Tourney Entrees,thats 37:1 Odds for the next fishermen who enters by August 31st to Win the St.Croix 8' Hvy Premier Rod,as long as your mail is post marked for the 31st of August your in the Drawing! Capt. Larry D. Jones www.mostlymuskies.com
  12. Bob, I have someone over on my board asking where they can get Tuff Shads from.Since Chris no longer has a website up I have no way to get is phone number.Could you please email me Chris's phone number to [email protected] or post it here. Thanks, Capt. Larry D. Jones
  13. Yes,I will be fishing the tournament and will bring Guide Mike Sperry with me.Should be a lot of fun and above all Mark Treu was one of the good guy's in our muskie world,I'll be there out of respect for Mark above all! Capt. Larry D. Jones
  14. When--Saturday,October 3rd Where--Waneta Lake Time--7:00 aq.m. to 4:00 p.m. Awards--4:30 p.m. at the launch Entry Fee--$25 per Angler Pay Outs--First Place 50% Second Place 30% Third Place 20% Contact-- Jim Reynolds--(585)670-0422 Bob Sauckee--(585)292-9917 Registration closes at 6:30 a.m. the day of the Tournament.Cook-Out and raffle table at the "Awards Presentation"! See You There! 100% Catch & Release! Capt. Larry
  15. Camp Pendergast has some nice Cabins for $70 per night,you can park the boat right next to them and plug in to charge. Located at 6238 Davis Road,come out of Prendergast Hatchery road,turn left on NY Route 394,cross over the Prendergast Creek Bridge then turn right on Davis Road,short distance up on the right.Camp Prendergast 716-789-3485 or email Pat & Rich Davidson at [email protected] Capt. Larry
  16. The Door Prizes to ge given away after Guide Mike Sperry's Seminar 7:00 p.m. Sept. 18th at Happy Hooker Bait Shop have grown to:(1)one Beckman Magnum FinSaver Net,(4)four Hi-Fin Magnum Trophy Divers Jtd,(2)two Stud Dog Spinners by Vinces Spinner Shop,(4)four Monster Tubes by Red October Baits and (2)two 9" Depthraiders Straight in Night Shinner color.To Win any of the Prizes one only needs to show up for Guide Mike Sperry's Seminar,each person in attendance will be given one chance ticket.Notice:August 31st deadline for Early Tourney Entry Drawing for the St.Croix 8' Hvy Premier Rod is fast aproaching! Any Tourney Entry Post Marked by August 31st will be in the Drawing.Mail your Sept 19th Chautauqua Cash Tournament Entry Fee of $25 to Capt. Larry D. Jones,268 Harrison Ave,Buffalo,NY 14223 Thanks,Capt. Larry D. Jones
  17. Zach,No I will not fish in a Tournament that I'm running and holding the Cash for the Winner as well.I'll be getting the Chicken Dinner setup from noon on!All the oldtimers on the Niagara River use to change lures before they came in and give you bum scoop.I vowed from those days where I was left learning on my own that I would noy be that way toward others starting out,I would help when ever I could.Over the years I have done seminars at the musky shows,the midwest and all around the northeast in past years,written for Musky Hunter Magazine,In-Fishermen and North American Fishermen,fished the PMTT,through all of this I have never forgot where I came from. Capt. Larry
  18. Setup one rod with 60 lb test Mason Leadcore and you can get those 10" Believers to 30'+ no problem! Capt. Larry D. Jones
  19. A better way to add even weight to Believers is to drill holes and fill with Corian Seam Kit Material you can get at Home Depot.The chambers fill evenly and become solid plastic,no more leakers filling with water at the hook hangers.This will add 25% to the diver curve,but the added weight means you will need to troll a little faster to get the same action.But you can now reach speeds of 6.0 mph without blow out!Because the Corian Seam Kit Material gets hot with the chemical reaction as it sets up you will need to wrap the crankbait in a cold wet rag as it cures or it could melt through around the hook hangers if you do not. Capt. Larry D. Jones
  20. Durring the winter months and up to where the water gets up to 60 degrees in the spring one should wear a Mustang Survival Suit.The Mustang Survival Coverals are like wearing a snowmobile suit,but when you go overboard the closed cell floatation will pressure up again'st your body to insulate you.The blow up pillow behind the neck coller will turn you face up in the water if you get knocked out or pass out to hypothermia.The suit will keep you warm and may save your life! The suit could double the time you could survive in freezing water temps. Capt. Larry D. Jones
  21. Bob, No I never got a call or email from Terry of Lapper Lures yet! I'll put the Molson XXX on Ice as well! I'll be down on Chautauqua on Monday for some Trolling & Casting,I'll give a report here and on my site when I return home. Capt. Larry
  22. I'll bring a case of Molson XXX and see who's thursty! Capt. Larry
  23. On Sept. 18th Guide Mike Sperry will give a Seminar at 7:00p.m. at Happy Hooker Bait Shop.The Door Prizes are:Beckman Magnum FinSaver Net and (4)four Hi-Fin Magnum Trophy Divers Jtd w/Niagara Big Two Pull Lip in Glitter Shad color! All you need to do to win is show up! Those who send in their $25 Tourney Entry Fee by August 31st will go into a Drawing for a St.Croix 8' Hvy Premier Rod value $230. As of August 22nd there are 25 fishermen in so far,thats 26:1 odds for the next fishermen that sends in his Tourney Entry Fee! Send your Tourney Entry Fee of $25 to Capt. Larry D. Jones,268 Harrison Ave,Buffalo,NY 14223 For more Tourney Info go to www.mostlymuskies.com/reports.htm __________________ Capt. Larry D. Jones
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