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  1. Great boat!! I've fished her many times. Sad to see the Whale go but she'll make someone a great ride!!
  2. Fished Barcelona again this Morning. Walleye are still around.
  3. Nice job. We fished from noon till 6:30. Boxed 9 eyes and dropped one. We were getting most of our fish about 70' down over 90'.
  4. Any Eyes around Barcelona right now?
  5. The lake blew the Thursday before Labor Day. We absolutely hammered them the following Sunday and Monday. Pulling Kings from 55-60 degree water.
  6. Looking for a set of Sotty downriggers. Preferably some high performance but may consider 1116. Thanks, Tony
  7. Okay. Just waiting to hear back from the guy with the Scotty's.
  8. I have a pair I may be willin to let go. They have the gold finish. In very good condition with little use. $750 for the pair. All depends if I can get my hands on the set of used Scotty's that are listed here.
  9. I may be interested in the masts. Would you split them from the boats?
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