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  1. John, 4500 lb capacity. 12 volt. There is a set of cables that get attached to your boat battery and plugs into a cable on the lift. No solar, in photo that is just a bag covering the electric motor.
  2. Non fishing friend has a boat lift for sale in Rochester, NY 120" wide extra high lift capacity and battery operated lift motion. Brand is Craftlander. Works great, no longer boating. Asking $2,000 PM me if want to look.
  3. I bought the 3rd rigger and I have bought rods and reels from Rick in the past. Everything has been in near new condition and has obviously been taken well care of. You cant go wrong with these riggers.
  4. This is an incredible buy for someone looking for a turnkey salmon boat. Fished it many times in all kinds of conditions. Owner is meticulous in how he cares for his boat.
  5. Just getting ready to re post mine as we get ready for Spring. Turn key fishing ready.
  6. I run it at 16mph before the 4 barrels kick in. I have had it to 27mph at top end.
  7. In the water for 3 more weeks if you want to see her. This boat is in much better shape than her age would suggest. 585-738-0136.
  8. 1978 31' Silverton Convertible Looking to move up after this boat has been in the family for 33 years! Very reliable and comfortable fishing platform with lots of interior comfort also. Well maintained Chrysler 318s with ample space around them to easily do annual routine maintenance. Scotty downriggers and all electronics are part of the sale. New canvas surround in 2014. New epoxy to some areas of back deck recently completed. (Have not gotten around to fresh deck paint yet). Located in Rochester and will be in the water until late October. Asking $15,000. PM me if interested.
  9. Great idea and design on that hatch cover! Well done.
  10. We were one of the boats that were in 500'. Boated 10 but no real size to any of them. Looks like you were definitely better off inside. Awesome temp. break but smaller fish. Mix of boards, shallow riggers and one slide diver bite. Did take one off the 40' rigger on a Wonderbread. Other lures were mahi mahi, salmon slammer and boy/girl.
  11. Uh oh, all this shirtless talk is going to get Ray K. into the conversation. Buffy fishing......
  12. Great video Chris! Good fishing continued into Sunday. Love the short runs to the good water.
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