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  1. Ivan,I sent you a private email about adding Mostly Muskies Charter on the Niagara River.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the kind words!I will update under South America thread when I can in between trips in and out of the bush from Annai Guyana to Rewa River 97 miles in the rainforest from nearest road!
  3. Well we never got on the water until 10:30 am.All day long every boat we seen gave thumbs down.We were marking some nice big hooks but they were not feeding at all in the East wind until after dark when we caught a 35"er.Then got a call from Tommy down in the west river that he just released a very fat 47" muskie.Well I'm now done chashing muskies until next April in KY.Off to Costa Rica midnight tomorrow.
  4. Nice fish Chad & Dan! Was very slow in the Buffalo Harbor only a 35"er to end my season.
  5. I'm heading for the SBH now for my last day of Muskie action for the season!Not a fan of East winds,but it is what it is,if your not on the water you have no chance!
  6. Talked to 4 different fisherman from 4 different boats,none of them caught anything today as well.Those East winds with high barometric pressure can be tough days for muskies.I will give it my last chance with a client tomorrow,then get the boat shrink wrapped.Will get on the plane to Costa Rica midnight Tuesday.
  7. Going to watch the Bill's game then go out in the Harbor until about 2 am and see if the night action is on again.Just have not had much going on during the daylight hours in the river or Harbor for my boat.
  8. After spending most of today cleaning up my old Gibson upright freezer I have not had running since 1988,it started right up just like it was new.Deer from the butcher for it Monday.Got a call to get on the water tonight with clients in the Harbor.At 7:30 we got a nice fat 44" muskie,followed by a 41 1/2"er,both on Legend Plows crawling at 2.0 mph.By 8:45 pm the clients dressed like they were going for a walk in September were freezing,who wears tennis shoes in late November and just a hoodie!Back out tomorrow afternoon till midnight.Water still 47.4 degrees ,everything is 3 weeks behind,should be 40 degrees by now.
  9. Dan,Congrats on the Big Girls! It has been very slow in the Buffalo Harbor this year,I will give it a few hours tonight and 3 pm to 12 midnight hour days tomorrow & Monday.
  10. Last 3 days for NY Upper Niagara River / Buffalo Harbor. I will get out this afternoon and Sunday & Monday.Also last chance for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Full Day Fishing Charter Deal for $300,ends Monday night!
  11. I lost another day today doing Black Friday shopping for Christmas gifts since I will be gone to Costa Rica next Tuesday for most of December.I did hear of a 40" er from the North Gap and a few dinks from the west river.Even I have had a tough time catching muskies the last two weeks.I do not seem to be seeing many muskies set up in the normal key spots for this late in November.Three more days for me to try,then I have to put the boat away until first ice off at Saltfork in Ohio in April
  12. Yesterday I stayed off the water to get some pre winter house things done.So there was a 52" and few dinks caught by those who got out.Water visibility now 3 ft and temp is 46.5 degrees.Back out Friday thru Monday.
  13. If she can clean fish and cook them right,she is a keeper!
  14. We went to the Harbor at 8 am this morning and trolled both South & North Gaps till 4 pm with no success.I did not mark much in big hooks,mostly just emerald shiners.Water temp was 46.5 degrees,clarity was about 1 1/2 ft.
  15. Water clarity starting to get that green tint,should have 2 to 3 ft visibility by tomorrow and be finally fishable again.I will go to the Harbor from here out till the end of November and run my Legend Plow program.This is the last week for my Gift of Fishing Certificate Program -- Buy 1 Get 1 Full Day Charter for 2 Persons Free
  16. I will still fish the Buffalo Harbor until Nov 30th,then stretch wrap the boat and get on the plane to Costa Rica and 88 degrees!
  17. Riley,Water clarity will be a little over 1 ft and winds will be light,but from the East until late afternoon.I never do well with good water conditions when there is an East wind.But with all the winds the last two weeks one has to get on the water when they can.
  18. Water clarity situation in the Buffalo Harbor still only about 1 ft at 10 am this morning,by 1 pm with high West winds back to 6" visibility.Water surface temperature was 51.4 degrees.Still only spotty emerald shiner pods,a few walleye,only a couple muskie hooks.This year everything seems to be 3 weeks late!No action for our 3 hours out,got cut short by wind shift from the South to West and increase to 30 mph.
  19. Rollie,What is the time frame for this Wounded Warrior Event?
  20. Since the start of November when you call CanPass to get a control number to fish in Canadian waters,they now are asking for a Passport Number,date of issue, issue state,birth date and expiration date.Same for Enhanced Drivers License.The whole process has slowed down the system when you call in,be prepared to wait on hold for 30 minutes or more and another 15 minutes to get through the proccess.
  21. Well cold weather is almost upon us,do not forget to check your Lower Unit gear oil for water.The cost of replacing a gear case if it cracks from freezing water in your gear oil can hurt the pocket book.Also if your boat is out of the water leaving drain plug out can end up with ice hanging from the hole when you go to put in the plug.Put plug in and pour some 50 degree pink rv anti freeze in the bilge to keep bilge pump from freezing up.Also pour some in your live well till it runs out the drain,keep live well pump from freezing and cracking.Get it done before the weekend,cold is coming.
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