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  1. I know they are already fishing some lakes in Ohio,are any of the Pa Lakes Ice free enough to launch a boat yet.With today's warm weather I'm itching to cut the shrink wrap off the boat and hit the road for some muskie action!
  2. Every year we explore new ponds,some we cut a trail a half mile to push a heavy 21 ft boat thru to the pond.Every new pond we have found using google earth has had many big Arapiama in them.I think eventially one of my clients will break the 500 lb mark.Every client this year caught 2 or more Arapiama and 100's of other fish!I have to say my Amerindian Boat Captian's & Bowman are the hardest working people I have ever met,I tried pushing a heavy 21 ft aluminum boat by hand thru a cut trail rolling it on logs cut and laid out,I was tore down after a few 100 yards,they push them for a half mile or more,sometimes turning the boat on its side to get past trees.Then once there and the boat is in the water they start paddling you into fish catching position without even a rest before.
  3. Ivan,We use a greenheart hardwood log with a come along attached,followed by a scale then a calf weighing harness.After getting the Arapiama into the calf harness,4 guys push the pole up until the Arapiama and gear clears the water,then get weight.Then you reweight the wet calf harness and subtract that weight from the total weight when you weighed the Arapiama.IGFA has excepted this method for last year's 415 lb 8 ounce World Record.This Year the client forgot to get his scale certified, so the 450 lber does not count for an IGFA World Record.
  4. The $14000.00 being raised in Mike Money's Memory for the Ohio Bait Fish Fund is just Assume!Yes typo I added the other 0!Also much praise to Jason Bond for all his work to get this benefit up and going and staying on top of it!
  5. I'm finally able to make this show,back from Guyana earlier this year.Sure I will spend a lot!
  6. This year we had lots of challenge and some bad luck,but overall we had a great trip.First we lost one of our Amerindian boat bowmen along with his wife and cousin.The 3 were on a motorcycle and got hit and killed instantly when hit by a car traveling along at very high speed on the Rupununi Trail.Then we were helping 28 Amerindians from Rewa Village save 20 Arapiama in a pond that was going dry.We used a canoe by putting water in it and 10 guys dragging it through the rainforest running 1/2 mile to the Rewa River to release them to safety one by one!My Boat Captian Patrick was riding one Arapaima over 350 lbs like a horse,reached out to grab it's head to turn it and got the tip of his left hand finger crushed off,the first joint!So the funeral and Patrick's loss of finger tip took b a lot away from a successful fishing trip.
  7. Three more Arapaima! More bigger fish pictures coming soon!
  8. This year's Big Arapiama at 450 lbs!She would have blown away last year's New IGFA World Record of 416 lbs 8 ounces but client had uncertified scale.
  9. This year's Big Arapiama at 450 lbs!She would have blown away last year's New IGFA World Record of 416 lbs 8 ounces but client had uncertified scale.
  10. Mr.Esox,What answer do you want to hear?As a stated come up with a resolution of any changes you would like to see we will run it by NY Chapter 69 and then send it off through the Federation of Sportsmen's Club's to get resoultion to New York Conservation Council,then to NY State Legislature. I will return from Guyana the first week of March.Last Internet connection at Rewa Eco Lodge,will be 97 miles up river with no communication this afternoon. Capt Larry D Jones M.I.Chapter 69 Regional Representative Erie County Fishery Advisory Board Erie County Federation of Sportsmen's Club's Director
  11. Now when you call CanPass to get a entry control number for your boat,you and passengers they ask for every person onboard for a Passport Number or Enhanced Drivers License Number,where issued,date of expiration and your birth date.The process can take some time to complete, but if you decide not to call and check in for the control number it could cost you $10,000.00 and loss of boat and equipement.
  12. Sorry,I will be down the Rupinuni River and up the Rewa River 97 miles from anything,out of Internet range by early tomorrow morning,so will not be able to help with this until the middle of March when I return.
  13. NY Chapter 69 M.I. needs to write a legislation for changes to Northern Pike Catch Limits and Size Limits and send it to me to take to Erie County & Chautauqua County Federation of Sportsmen's Club's. From there we will get other Federations in NY State to sign on and then send the approved Legislation up to the NY State Conservation Council for their aproval to send on to the NY State Legislature for Committee, that includes the NSDEC.Much easier to get changes this way,just takes a while to get thru NY State Legislature.Sometimes we can also get a couple NY State Assembly Members to endorse it and it will move thru quicker.But to get it done that is the system for at l east any chance at all.
  14. Being at the last outpost before deep rainforest,at Annai,Guyana and very slow Internet that I wil very soon be boating out of all connection for 60 days.I suggest that you link up with MI 69,have meeting in your region.Then for changes to take place resolutions sent from Chapel 69 to County Federation of Sportsmen's Club's can be sent to the NY Conservation Council,that in turns sends a Bill to the New York State Legislature that then debates it with in Legislative Committee and also the NYSDEC. This is how we got the NY State Inland Muskie Season to start on the last Saturday in May and the increase to 40" Sizelimit.With in the Federation of Sportsmen's Club's you can get support from every county in the state for change.Also NY Chapter 69 M.I. is a non for profit organization that allows you to raise funds for conservation effort with out a tax burden.I for one would be very happy to meet with those interested in your area,as others from NY Chapter 69 M.I. would as well.Just because we are a muskie club that does not limit us to writting resulutions for other kinds of fish,habitat restoration,launch facilities,against chemical treatment of state waters,etc..I will be back from Guyana Rainforest early March. Capt Larry D Jones NY Muskies 69 Regional Representative ECFAB ECFSC Director and Pres.ELECBA
  15. Crossing the Essequibo River today toward the rainforest,all gasoline in old British military truck,all 400 gallons we will use the next month.Last communication for a month!I can never get pictures right side up using my cell as a computer posting on LOU.At last outpost on the Rupinuni River with limited Internet for a couple more hours ,then we go down river and up the Rewa River to 97 miles from nearest village or road,no communication for 40 ÷ days!
  16. EsoxOnly,Thanks! Boarding plane in Toronto in a few minutes.I will post some pictures at the end of February.
  17. Pirhana leave the ponds as the water drops from the flooding going down and head for the main rivers.Biggest threat in ponds are Anaconda!
  18. 2015 IGFA World Record Arapiama of 415 lbs 8 ounces.Your only seeing 1/3 of the fish!
  19. This Friday it is time to get on flight back to Guyana South America for two months of guiding Clients for Arapaima!last February Client Richard Hart caught the New IGFA World Record at 415 lbs 8 ounces as also the Worlds Largest Freshwater Fish on Fly Rod! Bigger ones have been see in a couple of my spots,can we break the record this year?We will try!
  20. Justin,You are hardcore! I have been thinking about doing the samething here on the Niagara River,but boat is shrink wrapped and I'm packing for trip to Guyana Rainforest for 2 months,leaving Friday am!
  21. Happy New Year to Everyone on LOU!
  22. May Everyone Have A Great Christmas Day and A Happy New Year!
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