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  1. Early this morning I launched at the SBH and headed for the South Gap.Water clarity was about 6" still.I did not mark much ,only some smaller pods of Emerald shiners.Kept fouling hooks with leaves and branches,gave up at 11 am.Went to NOCO in Lackawanna they still have no ethonal gasoline.On the way back past the Harbor on NY Route 5 I could see a blue Starcraft launching,hope he had better luck then me.Winds go back up over 25 mph tomorrow afternoon and over 30 mph on Wednesday,water clarity is not going to clean up for awhile.
  2. With all the high winds Chautauqua Lake has stayed gin clear and muskies were caught there today!Surface water temp up north is 49.4 degrees.
  3. Today I will take a ride up to the Buffalo Harbor an see if there is any trapped water sections that are not brown water.Could be Monday before I get back on the water after this blow!Update:After riding around looking at the Harbor & River water,the clarity is brown less then 6" visibility! It will be Wednesday or Thursday next week before it even gets close to being fishable!
  4. Besides the 16 ft waves there is a 7 ft rise in water on this end of Lake Erie!
  5. Out by the Canadian Weather Buoy near the gas wells at 7 pm waves were 16.1 ft and wind gusts were 62 mph.
  6. Wind gust at Canadian Weather Buoy off gas wells in Lake Erie 62 mph at 2 pm,waves building at 7 ft going to 14 ft!Water will be brown for for a week after this storm,also logs,etc will come down the Niagara River.Hopefully this storm will wash out most of Lake Erie decaying weeds,so we can have some clean trolling waters in the river.
  7. That is what we're talking about,Fatties! Nice job Adam!
  8. At first I was not going out yesterday,raked leaves up in the yard instead.Then at 5:30 pm I got that "Before the Storm Slob"going through my head.So off to the river I went,decided to launch from the Canadian side at Black Creek incase the winds picked up fast before morning.That was a mistake,got the half hour boat inspection at the Peace Bridge.Got to Black Creek launch off Niagara Parkway at 8:05 pm,did not get lines in the water until 8:30 pm.Trolling Perchbaits first action was at 9:10 pm a nice 39 1/2" muskie.Continued to pound bait fish pods up agains't shore edge where water from Black Creek was slightly warmer by a half degree.At 10:20 pm the kicker side rod drag went off again,a 37" muskie.Stayed on the spot till 1 am with no other hits.Upon returning to the dock at Black Creek launch was met by Canadian Customs Agent,got the 3rd degree about not calling CanPass.I asked well I was in Canada fishing after crossing the border at the Peace Bridge last night and never crossed into U.S. waters,stayed in Canadian waters.He went to his car for about 5 minutes with my passport and then returned asking why I launched from this side.I explained that big storm punching 40 mph winds were coming,but not sure when so decided to launch right where I would be fishing.Got no problem crossing back to the U.S.A..
  9. nhbait,The sewage will flow down the St.Lawrence River,not flowing into Lake Ontario
  10. They have been fighting this discharge of sewage issue on Facebook for months now!
  11. Water temps on Lake Erie are 57 off Cleveland,55 off Erie and 54 off Buffalo that is 4 degrees warmer then this date last year.Everything seems to be about 3 weeks late this year,leaves just fell off my tree in the yard yesterday as well.Because of this warmer then normal times there are next to no bait fish in the Buffalo Harbor or Niagara River.What would help now would be a little snow hitting the water and a 4 degree cool down fast.I believe almost all of the big muskies are still hanging out in the depths of Lake Erie where the gizzard shad are.Time to get out trolling in 35 to 37 ft waters off Buffalo,but winds keep blowing strong,gale force winds coming tomorrow & Friday.December in Canadian waters will most likely be very good this year,but I will be in Costa Rica for Roosterfish with clients,then off to Guyana in rainforest with clients until March 3rd.
  12. Seems like the only muskies I can catch lately are smaller males,another 35"er today and that was it after being drizzled on most of the day.
  13. Today was another day of catching small male muskies of 35 1/2" & 37".Water temp was 55.1 behind the Buffalo Harbor walls and 54.2 outside the walls.Water was about 5 ft visibility outside the walls and 2 ft inside the walls.Bait fish are still lacking for this time of the year.
  14. I will start at Noon today in the Buffalo Harbor and troll till Midnight with clients.Time is winding down for your chance to take advantage of my Gift of Fishing Certificate Program,Buy 1 Full Day Fishing Charter for $300 & Get 1 Free! Good for Chautauqua Lake,Buffalo Harbor or Niagara River.This offer ends at the end of November.Bad weather and heavy winds coming again on Thursday,winds to 35 + mph agian,more brown water!
  15. Today the water was stained with about 2 ft visibility when we started trolling at 8:45 am.Surface water was 54.4 degrees.We were under a cold front,high was 30 degrees colder then the day before.Only 1 hit and one 37" muskie for our effort!
  16. I got out this morning and we hooked up and landed a nice 41" muskie out in 36 ft of water on Lake Erie in front of Buffalo.Waves were starting to bump at 3 ft,so we quit around 10:45 am.Now at 5:40 PM there is next to no wind at all,so much for NOAA Weather and 40 mph winds with 8 ft waves. Back out in the morning.Surface water temp was 55.4 degrees out in 36 ft of water.
  17. Today the surface water temp behind the Buffalo Harbor walls was 55.4 degrees and out in Lake Erie I recorded 57.2 degrees.There were some bait fish still behind the walls because the water is still stained.The water out in Lake Erie was green tint and we marked the most big hooks out in 35 to 37 ft of water down 15 to 20 ft.Heavy winds coming tomorrow bringing more brown water.Today was a dink day,31"!
  18. I'm now totally booked for the remainder of November Month.I have started my annual Gift of Fishing Certificate Program, Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Full Day Fishing Charter sun up to sundown for up to 2 persons)for $300,for 2016 season.Program ends the end of November,private email me or call 716-432-0198
  19. Today we started at around 2 pm again in the Buffalo Harbor.At 3:35 pm a nice 40" muskie munched a Hi-Fin Trophy Diver Jtd 9" in Pearl White with Black Bars and Hot Pink Belly,shows up well in brown water.Once darkness set in everything disappeared from the screen.We quit early at 8 pm.My shadow from sun at my back,messes up the pix!
  20. Started at 2 pm today,we ran from Sheridan Dr. Launch to the North Gap.At 2:35 pm we lost a Hawg close to the back of the boat.Then we went to 9:05 pm before the next hookup,a nice 39" muskie.The winds turned East and just about everything disappeared off the screen.Back out tomorrow at 4 pm!
  21. We did not go out again today,25 mph WSW winds,water still brown and still lots of floating debris coming down the river.Water temp is 53 degrees.
  22. Waves reached 15 ft on Lake Erie Thursday with wind gusts to 62 mph and sustained winds of 35 mph.Today Saturday the Upper Niagara River is very brown,less then 1 ft visibility,with lots of floating decaying weeds,sticks,logs etc.. I will not get back on the water until Monday morning.
  23. The hatchery also has an excess from the ponds each year.This year they went to Vermont I believe.
  24. Steve,They use to take the excess 3 1/2" muskies down to Prendergast Launch and dump them in.There have been a number of muskies caught that have no clipped fins,since they do not think there is a successful spawn in numbers,they could have come from those excess fingerlings that were not clipped.
  25. There is no reason why they could not at least take the close to 30,000 3 1/2" muskie fingerlings that are excess when they set aside the number needed for what they feed in the tanks and then place in ponds for growth.They are ear marking those excess fish to just dump in the Allegany River to be trout food . Unfortunately this year it is to late to do anything about it,because they have already stocked.
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