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  1. Of the 5 kings we kept, 2 didn't have a clip meaning they were pressumably wild. The DEC has found that about every 1/3 of the fish brought in to the pro am's throughout the year are unclipped or "'wild". Not bad figures are they are naturally producing! Wish I could have found out if any had snout tags...
  2. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/31/10 Time on Water:12:00-8pm Weather/Temp:breezy, sunny, 75 degrees Wind Speed/Direction:East, 10-15 mph Waves:1-2.5 feet Surface Temp: Location:Sandy Creek LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 17 Total Boated:11 Species Breakdown:Chinooks/Browns Hot Lure: Trolling Speed:1.8-2.2 Down Speed: Boat Depth:60-90 Lure Depth: 30-60 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS For my first trip out on Lake Ontario, I had an absolute blast! We decided to go with rebel charters out of sandy creek, a great decision! Great people and very interesting to talk to! We ended up getting one small king to start and then hooked up on a great king which was jumping like crazy but he ended up shaking off. Then it was fairly slow and just got a few smaller fish on a mix of lead core, dipsys, and down riggers. The biggest and only brown was about 6 lbs and the biggest king boated hung right about the same. Thanks again to Jerry and Frank for a fantastic trip, can't wait to get back out there! Andy ====================
  3. With good planning you can do it in a weekend, but I'm sure you will want to get back up there
  4. This question may be out there, but do you use corn to catch them?! I have been doing a little fishing in the erie canal for them in the rochester area and I'm not having too much luck thus far. Do you have a special set-up?! Andy
  5. The beaver river flow (AKA Moshier Reservoir) off of the stillwater reservoir is a great place to kayak and fish! Tons of smallmouths and a few VERY big muskies! One of the coolest places I know to go. Topwater action is fenominal with rapalas working once the wind picks up slightly. To get there, you want to take 28 to inlet and take a left onto the Big Moose Road (its right after the grocery store). Follow the signs all the way to stillwater reservoir. At the one and only stop sign, take a right which takes you to the stillwater store, but before that, take a left on "necessary dam rd". Its a small dirt road but follow that to the end. You can fish from shore and current moves fast at first and then slows. Good camping along the way as well!
  6. A lot of talk of cormorants in the past, but has anybody been seeing them on Ibay this year?! I have been in that immediate area about 8 times (near snyder island and the Irondequoit Fish and Game Club) about 8 times from the 1st of May through now. I have literally counted only 22 cormorants in those 8 trips. Braddocks last week, and still no cormorants! Sodus in early may held a good amount but thats about the extent of it. Anyone else seeing birds?!
  7. If it was slow when I went out there on Sept. 12 then I had better get back out there soon!! The fishing was good (or so I thought) as we fished for 4 hours, caught over 100 fish, and kept 39 ranging in size from 11"-15". Great fish fry to boot!!
  8. I would like to thank all of you that gave me information on this subject. My first trip on Irondequoit Bay was spectacular as we caught well over 100 fish and kept 39 fish between 11" and 15" in just 3.5 hours of fishing. Used an awful lot of bait but everyone on the boat had a blast. The fish fry for dinner was almost even better Thanks again and good luck to everyone!
  9. I wont be able to shoot enough bucks that have total of as many points as that deer has
  10. I bought some 3 way swivels and some gear last night and started to get some rigs ready. I put a crappie jig on the bottom, hooked up to the 3-way swivel and then a 1/16 oz jighead about a foot above the bottom jig. I figure I can let it all down to the bottom and then fish anywheres from 6" to 3' or more off the bottom depending on where the fish are. Sound ok? Also, do you guys typically hook the minnow through the back of the mouth? I have been thinking that hooking them through the mouth would result in a lot of lost minnows and not as many fish in the cooler. Thanks again for all the information, I'm looking forward to this trip!
  11. Well thats good to hear. My cousine planned a trip for the 12 of September because hes hosting a bachelor party. Fishing in the morning and would like to catch enough fish to have a good fish fry. With the weather as cool as it is, I hope the perch move in. How do you rig the minnows? Small jigs? Bare hooks with sinkers? Any ideas are appreciated..
  12. fish with minnow? Drag worms? Anything like that to catch em?
  13. Im new and not exactly sure if this is where I should be posting this but it looks like people look at it often. My cousin has rented a boat for the middle of sept to fish I-bay. He wants to catch ANYTHING. I know a little about the bay but not a whole lot and know that the perch start coming in at about that time of year. Any techniques on catching these good pan frying fish at this time of year? If not how about other panfish (gills and seeds). I know that I should be able to catch a few bass with Senko's or something but any information on location and some kind of tactic to catch the JUMBO's would be much appreciated.
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